Brad Carr

Brad Carr

“Brad has helped prepare NAB for the upcoming impacts of the Basel 3 regulatory changes in banking”

Brad Carr is Director, Superannuation Funds in NAB’s Financial Institutions Group, supporting NAB’s clients in the Not-for-Profit Superannuation sector.

Brad has been heavily involved in preparing NAB's Wholesale and Institutional businesses for the upcoming impacts of the Basel 3 regulatory changes in banking, and has had a major focus on interpreting the changes in banks’ capital and liquidity regulations for their impacts on institutional clients.

He previously managed the Active Portfolio Management function within NAB's Capital Markets team, with responsibility for NAB’s banking book Credit Derivatives. Before that, Brad worked in Relationship Management (SME business), in Credit, as a Project Manager, and on NAB’s development of Economic Capital and Risk Appetite.

Brad qualified as a Certified Basel 3 Professional with the Basel 3 Compliance Professionals Association (BiiiCPA) in 2011. He also holds a Bachelor of Economics (University of Western Australia) and Masters in Science and Technology Commercialisation (University of Adelaide).


Basel 3 represents significant regulatory change, with profound impact on the global financial system, including Australia. This publication and related articles look at the likely impacts of Basel 3 and potential opportunities for Superannuation funds.

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