September 19, 2013

Corporate Finance Insights – September 2013

In this edition of Corporate Finance Insights we focus on the value that can be unlocked in managing working capital, hear perspectives from industry leaders and share insight from NAB specialists into the major trends and opportunities for working capital management.

Welcome to the September 2013 edition of the Corporate Finance Insights report. In this edition we are pleased to present a ‘back to basics’ approach with a focus on working capital management and the value that can be unlocked in its management.

Most corporate finance managers would agree, working capital may not be as glamorous and share the same appeal as merger and acquisitions, divestitures and corporate development. However, equal in importance, the impact of efficient working capital management within an organisation can deliver benefits far beyond liquidity and risk management and can be a key enabler for growth.

The issue of working capital is prominent across all industry sectors. While the challenge businesses face maybe at different points across the supply chain, the overall objective is the same – optimise efficiency by reducing the capital employed.

In this edition, we are fortunate to gain valuable perspective from two industry leaders. Shane Gannon – Chief Financial Officer at Goodman Fielder shares his view on the challenges facing the fast moving Food, Fibre and Beverage industry and some of the initiatives Goodman Fielder has undertaken to enhance its competitive position. Oliver Belin – Director Marketing at PrimeRevenue provides us with some insight into the benefits of Supply Chain Finance, and some forward looking thoughts on product demand and innovation.

In addition to the client perspectives, some of NAB’s specialists have provided their insight into the major trends and opportunities for working capital management. The compilation of articles in this edition is sure to address what is on the minds of the CEOs and CFOs of Australia’s largest corporates.

We trust that you enjoy the latest instalment of our Corporate Finance Insights report.

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Markets Today – Sweet Spot

Markets Today – Sweet Spot

30 November 2023

Bond markets have been supported by some market-friendly data and while Fed speakers were again mixed, it was the more dovish remarks that captured attention.

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