Good times coming for the aged-care sector


Aged care is a sector that’s been under the microscope for years. But while it has faced real challenges, its future now looks bright.

13 Jul 2018

Smokin’: the strategy behind emerging Tassie icon’s monumental export growth


When BJ Plummer was handed the reins of acclaimed Tasmanian smoked seafood producer Woodbridge Smokehouse, he was instructed not to ‘mess around’ with the brand. We spoke to Plummer about his strategy, which has seen export revenue grow a whopping 1,300 per cent in just three years.

Economic commentary
17 Aug 2018

The Forward View – Global: August 2018

Economic commentary

Growth remains above trend, but risks a concern.


Last week’s data revealed the slightest improvement in annual wages growth and a welcome further decline in the unemployment rate to a six-year low.

Speculation the US and China will strike a deal on trade around November has given markets some reason for optimism.

Global growth appears to have remained above average through the first half of 2018, but with our leading indicator pointing to a moderation in coming quarters, we think that this will represent the peak for this cycle.

Markets turned on their head a little today, as the possibility emerges of trade talks between the US and China before the end of the month.

Growth remains above trend, but risks a concern.

Last month we saw our national index move through the tenth straight month of falling home values.

The US dollar and equities are on the rise and EM currencies teetering on the edge of a bearish market.

An unchanged economic outlook, but downside risks building.

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