Economic commentary

NAB Quarterly Business Survey: Quarter 3 2018


The business conditions index decreased 2pts to +13 in 2018 Q3, but remains well above its long-run average. Business confidence also fell, declining 4pts to +3 index points, a little below its historical average.

2 Nov 2018

Wheat Growers’ Podcast: Harvest crop condition and markets


As harvest gets started, hear from growers and traders across the country on the first NAB Growers’ Podcast.

Economic commentary
15 Nov 2018

The Forward View – Global: November 2018

Economic commentary

Global growth is above average but slowing.


How low can the pound go if the UK shifts towards a no-deal Brexit?

Thanks to collaboration, groundbreaking hubs are connecting community, medicine, industry and academia – and creating opportunity.

Now in its second year, smaller businesses across Australia have embraced the Professional Services Awards, backed by NAB and FirmChecker.

Global growth is above average but slowing.

Wherever you look, the future is about technology – the way we invest, care for our health and even how we grow our food. We take a look at where technology might take us in 2019.

Uncertainty on whether the UK Cabinet would pass May’s Brexit deal played heavily on the pound overnight but it rebounded when the deal was approved.

Customer stewardship matters because infrastructure is an intimate part of nearly every aspect of our lives, therefore quality of services and astute long-term investment decisions have never been more important

On a rolling quarterly basis, dwelling values are now trending lower across both the combined capital city regions, where they were 1.6% lower, as well as across the combined regional areas of Australia where values were almost 1% lower.

A healthy growth outlook but some concerns about the consumer.

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