Results for coronavirus, business

The Forward View – Australia: October 2021

13 October 2021

Waiting for the rebound after Q3 lockdowns.

Monthly Business Survey: September 2021

12 October 2021

Confidence rebounds on the back of roadmaps, vaccination.

NAB Commercial Broker Economics Update with Alan Oster

28 September 2021

Alan Oster, NAB’s Group Chief Economist, shares his view on the different impacts COVID-19 has had on industries and provide a broader macroeconomic outlook on the Australian economy.

The Forward View – Australia: September 2021

15 September 2021

A near term hit to GDP before the recovery continues.

Monthly Business Survey: August 2021

14 September 2021

Confidence and conditions tick up.

The Forward View – Australia: August 2021

11 August 2021

GDP to fall but recovery will resume as lockdowns end.

Monthly Business Survey: July 2021

10 August 2021

Confidence and conditions fall further with ongoing lockdowns.

NAB Health Australian Wellbeing Report: Q2 2021 (Part 1: Emotional Wellbeing)

28 July 2021

Wellbeing up & now at its highest level since 2019. Resilience is building, but wellbeing is falling for the unemployed & low income earners. NSW lockdown a key risk.

The Forward View – Australia: July 2021

14 July 2021

Lockdown disruptions but expect recovery to continue.

Monthly Business Survey: June 2021

13 July 2021

Confidence falls on virus fears.