May 21, 2019

Strategic FX update: May 2019

Join NAB's Head of FX Strategy, Ray Attrill as he sits down with Phil Dobbie to discuss his outlook for the FX market.

In this short discussion, Ray will cover:

  • The AUD:  What’s next for the AUDUSD with the move sub 0.7000 and the potential for two RBA rate cuts this year?  Are these cuts priced in to the currency or is more volatility expected ahead?
  • Trade Wars:  How might this play out over the coming months? Is the PBoC expected to weaken their currency as a result and if so, how will this impact the AUD?
  • Brexit:  What are the expectations surrounding the Withdrawal Bill vote on the 3rd of June? What could this mean for Brexit, Theresa May and the AUDGBP?

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