Our economists stayed up all night so they could unpack the Federal Budget for Australian businesses. Watch their take.

For business, the 2022 Federal Budget was all about tax breaks and apprenticeships – plus a helping hand for a hard-hit tourism industry.

The 2022 Federal Budget featured a record $225bn in major infrastructure investments from governments across the country – plus some significant private sector investments.

Cost of living featured in the 2022 Federal Budget – with tax breaks, petrol and superannuation key themes.

As expected, a pandemic package featured in the 2022 Federal Budget – plus funding for new PBS meds, aged care and mental health initiatives.

Cost of living measures were a centerpiece of the 2022 Federal Budget, with petrol, tax breaks and payments for pensioners on the agenda.

Regional infrastructure was a big theme in the 2022 Federal Budget – along with water and a carbon credit tax break.

Rural childcare, preschools, job training and tertiary support featured in the 2022 Federal Budget – plus extra help for flood-affected education businesses.

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