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Tax cuts were on the agenda in the 2021 Federal Budget – along with significant changes to super for older people and women and cuts to the cost of childcare.

Aged care, mental health, vaccine and NDIS funding headlined in the 2021 Federal Budget – plus women’s health funding and tax incentives for biotech start-ups.

Childcare, pre-schools and job training featured heavily in this year’s Federal Budget, with some big spending initiatives on the table.

Federal Budget 2021 delivered $15.2 billion in infrastructure spending over the next 10 years – including a new freight hub in Melbourne.

A welcome extension to tax schemes was announced in the 2021 Federal Budget – along with biosecurity and water funding.

The 2021 Federal Budget delivered extensions to tax schemes and apprenticeship/training schemes, while tourism and aviation were big winners.

The Treasurer wasn’t kidding when he said budget repair has been put on hold until unemployment was below 5%, with a raft of new spending measures in Federal Budget 2021.

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