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How social impact investments can help end chronic homelessness

In a Victorian first, Sacred Heart Mission and the Victorian Government recently launched the state’s first Social Impact Investment, an innovative financing structure that supports positive social change.

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Managing climate resilience in the infrastructure sector

Representatives from Australia’s infrastructure sector discuss how they’re responding to the risks associated with climate change.

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Powering into the Australian market

Breaking into the Australian renewable energy market with a new mode of financing was a great challenge and a golden opportunity for Goldwind. Three deals later, the company’s aiming to power one million Australian homes.

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IN FOCUS: Infrastructure

Representatives from Australia’s infrastructure sector discuss how they’re responding to the risks associated with climate change.

The digital economy has given rise to its own infrastructure needs, and investors are paying attention.

As the current phase of privatisations approaches its conclusion in Australia, local infrastructure investors are looking to international markets for investment opportunities. At the same time, global capital that was drawn to the Australian market by the deep pipeline continues to actively pursue Australian deals. This has created significant competition in Australia and seen infrastructure investors increasingly focus on a broader class of assets.

Globally, the finance sector is directing ever-greater amounts of capital to address social and environmental challenges. Australia has more work to do on this front.


China’s consumers aren’t ready to drive the economy’s growth.

SEEK data for August showed that Job Ads fell again and the RLB Crane Index reported that residential high-rise surprisingly increased.

The pound took a hit on Friday. Ray Attrill discusses whether we can expect it to sink further this week, and what that could mean for the Aussie dollar, which also fell slightly at the end of last week.

Recent tariff announcements are a modest negative for growth in US and China although Chinese policy will look to offset the impact.

The US dollar is down this morning even though equities are at record highs.

Whilst China has promised to retaliate against the US tariffs, it hasn’t gone as far as it could.

Yesterday President Trump pushed ahead with further tariffs on Chinese imports and the promise of retaliation soon followed.

Representatives from Australia’s finance sector discuss the importance of managing climate resilience.

The Aussie dollar was on the rise overnight, even as all eyes and ears were waiting on an announcement on the next round of tariffs from the White House.

In this Weekly, we set out our latest thoughts on the Australian dollar.

The US President is keeping everyone guessing on further tariffs on Chinese imports.

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