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Why peace equals profits

Steve Killelea, the man behind the Global Peace Index, explains its potential value in helping make investment decisions.

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2017 Year in Review: Corporate Finance

2017 was marked by a return to stability following the volatility of recent times and the rise of innovative new products, especially in the green and social sectors.

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NAB securitisation, the ‘go to’ house for Australian RMBS and ABS

NAB’s Securitisation team goes from strength to strength, being the clear house of choice for customers and thought leader in the market.

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IN FOCUS: Infrastructure

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, state and federal government budgets are facing a growing challenge of balancing the competing needs of health-care expenditure with other areas of spending such as schools and roads.

In a wide-ranging state-of-the-market perspective, Steve Lambert, Executive General Manager, Corporate Finance at NAB, attributes Australian transaction breakthroughs in 2017 to long-term positive trends on the demand side.

Population growth remains very strong – QLD strengthening.

Reduced government funding and a growing population are forcing local councils to find alternative funding for public assets and community projects. NAB has already started filling the gap, with new mechanisms opening up funding sources usually closed to small lenders.


Fresh from the annual Private Placement Industry Forum in Miami, we consider the options for investors looking to add a rock-solid asset to their portfolio.

US stocks retreat on Russia meddling, steel/aluminium tariff reports, but still make it ‘6 from 6’ up days.

USD is set to close lower for a 4th consecutive day and US equities look set to climb for a fifth day in a row

Global upturn to continue despite market turbulence.

There was a sharp reaction to higher than expected CPI figures overnight but they have been tempered by weaker than expected retail figures.

Cautious optimism, but much depends on wages and the consumer.

The US dollar is on the slide again. As Phil Dobbie discusses with NAB’s Ray Attrill the volatility remains ahead of US CPI figures tonight.

US equities extend Friday’s rally and Europe joins the party.

Friday was another choppy day for equity markets, although the S&P500 managed to end on a positive note.

Stocks fell across Europe and the US overnight.

Well it might be too early to call the recent rout in equity markets over, but price action over the past 24hrs suggests calmness has returned with European equities rebounding while US equities are relatively steady.

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