Theresa May has won the confidence vote in her government, so she can battle on with Brexit.

Theresa May’s government faced a massive defeat in Parliament with a 230 vote loss on their Brexit withdrawal agreement.

The US government shutdown is now in its 25th day but the direction of the global economy is a bigger concern.

The shutdown impacting parts of the US government remains, the passing of Theresa May’s meaningful vote on Brexit seems unlikely and negative data from Europe has some wondering whether the region is already in recession.

It was far from a quiet Christmas period, with volatility driven by data, trade concerns, a government shutdown and a very different attitude coming from the US Fed.

2018 has been a year of surprises. In the final podcast for the year, the team discuss the year that was and what to expect in 2019.

US stocks have fallen markedly since the Fed meeting yesterday, with the dollar also taking a hit and the yield curve flattening a little.

Does the message from the US Fed set the right tone given sensitivities in the markets right now?

The NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index rose 0.6% in November on a month-on-month basis, repeating its 0.6% (revised) increase in October.

Equities, oil and bond yields are all down.

The NAB Rural Commodities Index fell 2.0% on a month on month basis in November, mirroring a 2.0% gain in October.

US shares were pummelled on Friday as fears of a global slowdown widen.

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