China delivered some more positive results in the last 24 hours.

The OECD suggests China’s stimulus measures may only offer short term benefits but the markets are happy to ignore the long term impacts.

Last week finished on a positive note, sparked by a strong bounce back in credit growth in China, together with very strong export numbers.

The US dollar was helped overnight with surprisingly low jobless claims numbers in the US.

What did the RBA’s Guy Debelle say yesterday to spur the Aussie dollar on so much?

We forecast that ABS retail trade for February will grow for a second consecutive month, following a weak Christmas period and a subdued January ABS print.

We forecast that ABS retail trade will return to growth – albeit modestly – in January 2019.

The dovish tone set by the Fed yesterday has seen renewed vigour in the US equity markets helped by further strong earnings.

Conditions end the year on a concerning low.

European PMIs came out weaker than expected. That, together with a downbeat Mario Draghi, saw the Euro weaken.

Negativity on the state of the global economy has managed to overshadow positive earning results from US companies.

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