The dovish tone set by the Fed yesterday has seen renewed vigour in the US equity markets helped by further strong earnings.

Conditions end the year on a concerning low.

European PMIs came out weaker than expected. That, together with a downbeat Mario Draghi, saw the Euro weaken.

Negativity on the state of the global economy has managed to overshadow positive earning results from US companies.

This month we continue our podcast series to accompany the NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index. It’s a short, 10 minute podcast, designed to give you a quick summary of the major drivers of the index this month. To listen, just click the link below.

Get up to speed on the key themes for the Chinese economy in 2019 with our latest podcast.

On a quiet day on the markets (due to Martin Luther King Day in the US) the main focus has been, again on Brexit.

There was renewed hope at the tail end of last week the answer to the US China trade dispute isn’t far away.

There’s still no sign of an end to the US China trade dispute as the end of the cease-fire period draws closer.

Theresa May has won the confidence vote in her government, so she can battle on with Brexit.

Theresa May’s government faced a massive defeat in Parliament with a 230 vote loss on their Brexit withdrawal agreement.

The US government shutdown is now in its 25th day but the direction of the global economy is a bigger concern.

The shutdown impacting parts of the US government remains, the passing of Theresa May’s meaningful vote on Brexit seems unlikely and negative data from Europe has some wondering whether the region is already in recession.

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