Changing the world through investments that help communities and the environment.


Companies with strong ESG characteristics are experiencing increased availability of equity and a reduced cost of equity.

Responding to changing asset manager behaviours and expectations.

According to BNEF, 2020 was a record year for sustainable debt issuance with annual issuance reaching US$732.1 billion across both bond and loan formats, representing a 29% uplift on 2019 levels.

Q3 2020 saw increased issuance momentum with a record US$155bn of sustainable finance debt raised fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic and global sustainability concerns.

We’ve partnered with The Australia—United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce and the New South Wales Government to launch the second business insight report in this three part series: Impact 2020: Seven Lessons in Social Value.

Green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bond market nearly doubles in Q3 2020.

Responsible investing among Australia’s wealthiest individuals is rising exponentially. The question is: why?

Facilitating the flow of capital towards sustainable initiatives and investing in our economy to drive recovery, create jobs and supercharge innovation has never been more important.

An Australasian perspective on sustainable finance markets.

New COVID-19 social bonds have been met with overwhelming support from investors, leading to rapid growth in the sustainable debt market and a welcome outperformance, experts told a NAB Roundtable.

Investors are directing capital towards the projects and companies that will remain viable in the transition to a low-carbon economy, a major international conference was told.

Climate change is a long-term problem, but when it starts to affect asset prices it will happen very quickly, experts told the recent 2019 Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

Financial institutions including NAB are working on a range of ways to support customers as the global economy faces challenges from climate change, a recent conference was told.

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