The talk of the town: NAB Business wrap

There’s been a lot for Aussie businesses to talk about recently – from community newspapers to consumption of whiskey. Here’s a selection of recent business insights to help you uncover the opportunities across all business sectors.


Tennis balls, local rags and British undies were in the business pages recently, as business confidence shot up along with our pizza consumption. Here’s a selection of recent business insights to help you uncover the opportunities across all business sectors in 2014.

Business conditions continue to climb.

The most recent data shows that in December business conditions were on the up – especially in the transport and utilities space, according to NAB’s Monthly Business Survey. With confidence at a 2.5 year high, are we a turning point? Find out more

48,000 tennis balls were supplied to the Australian Open in 2014.

That’s a lot of bouncing – and requires a good supply chain. Supply chain finance is likely to be a top issue for businesses globally in 2014 as chief procurement officers look to manage cash flow and reduce risk. Find out more

Community newspapers are thriving.

Aussies love their local rag. In fact, over 50 percent of all capital city residents over 14 read their community newspaper according to Roy Morgan. So money spent advertising your business outside the metros may be well spent. Find out more

One in four Britons wears underwear from Marks & Spencer.

You might soon do the same. The British retail giant is apparently looking for retail space in Sydney so it can sell its ubiquitous knickers Down Under. Could be an interesting opportunity for service suppliers to the retail industry and a healthy challenge for local retailers. Find out more

Aussies drink almost 19 million glasses of whisky every month.

And it’s on the rise, according to Roy Morgan, especially in the 25-34 year old age category – perhaps the Mad Men effect. Hospitality industry participants take note and stock up. Find out more

The Poms are less gloomy.

Business confidence in the UK is still at high levels and investment intentions are on the rise – good news for the UK economy and for business owners who are active in that market. Find out more

Australia’s most watched TV event in 2013 was a dramatic tear jerker.

Yes, the Labor leadership ballot between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard was the most watched event, pulling 3.4 million viewers and beating out My Kitchen Rules. With advertising on capital city commercial TV hitting three year highs, businesses who use this channel to reach their customers can customise their spend appropriately. Find out more

Are you eating more pizza?

Very possibly. Takeaway, cafe and restaurant dining was up in November, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ latest data release on retail trade. With turnover up 2.2 percent in this sector, which is also the strongest contributor to growth in our economy (up 1.1 percent in trend terms), business owners are well placed to look at their investment plans for the future. Find out more

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