The talk of the town: NAB business wrap

There’s been a lot for Aussie businesses to talk about so far in 2014 – from weather predictions to our reading habits. Here’s a selection of recent business insights to help you uncover the opportunities across all business sectors in 2014.


There’s been a lot for Aussie businesses to talk about so far in 2014 – from weather predictions to our reading habits.  Here’s a selection of recent insights.

Aussies are reading more. For businesses that fear the demise of the printed word…think again. According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics’ figures for November, sales of newspaper and books rose 3.8%.  Find out more.

Will houses or holes in the ground support our economy in 2014? Australians watch housing data with all the passionate intensity of new parents watching a sleeping baby. Great news for wakeful watchers – December data shows housing construction rose over the course of 2013. Good for home owners and great for our economy – balancing out the decline in resource construction.  Find out more.

By 2031 Sydney will need 545,000 more homes for its population. That’s a lot of new front doors. The New South Wales Government’s Urban Activation Precincts plan will deliver more homes with access to infrastructure, transport and jobs – a major boon to the state, but also a major opportunity for infrastructure providers to connect new developments with the right services. Find out more.

What do Dominos Pizza, Michelle Bridges, Wild Turkey and Bananas in Pyjamas have in common? They all have the highest average number of Facebook fans in their industry, according to 119 million users.  2014 is a good time to think about social media marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes and industries.  Find out more.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend in 2014.  Diamond and gemstone mining tops the list of growth industries for 2014 according to IBISWorld, with an impressive 24% rise anticipated for 2014, followed by superannuation funds, organic farming, online shopping and internet publishing and broadcasting. Investors and business owners take note!  Find out more.

Australia’s financial markets collectively turned over more than $135 trillion in 2012-2013. Overall volume rose by 4.2%, led by non-government debt (31.2%) and currency options (37.4%). With improved investor sentiment and risk appetite around corporate bonds, Australian corporate treasurers have an opportunity to think about their funding options.  Find out more.

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