Less can be more: The case for shorter working hours


Believe it or not, working long hours can be bad for business – as well as health. Should you explore the shorter working week?

18 Jun 2019

Managing our future landscapes: Australian National Outlook 2019


A report by CSIRO, NAB and 20 other organisations, draws on the latest scientific data and states that Australia is at a crossroads and faces a stark choice – strive towards a more positive future of growth and prosperity or suffer a slow decline.

Economic commentary
24 Jun 2019

US Economic Update – June 2019

Economic commentary

The Fed is close to cutting rates.


Even an executive order declaring more sanctions against Iran did little to influence markets.

Economic growth is slowing as public demand continues to be the main driver of GDP growth.

NAB’s Non-Rural Commodity Price Index is expected to increase by 0.9% quarter on quarter in Q2 2019, a little stronger than anticipated in May.

She’s apples! How health food entrepreneur DR Vincent Candrawinata spends his day.

European markets reacted to better than expected PMI numbers on Friday

Investing in infrastructure is a long-term trend that will continue to endure global economic challenges, generating healthy returns and diversification opportunities as investors enhance focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

How do you ensure a lifetime of investment and hard work are preserved for generations to come?

The market continues to respond to the Dovish Fed statement yesterday with a rally in US equities, falls in Treasury yields and a fall in the US dollar.

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