Given the success of PPPs and privatisations at the Federal and State Government levels, why are Local Governments not in the spotlight?

The Federal Government is committed to accelerating economic infrastructure investment in Northern Australia. Up to $5bn in concessional loans to accelerate that investment – are available.

Governments are increasingly moving away from asset ownership. Fully funded capital intensive projects are proving to be an inefficient use of scarce financial budgetary resources.

Australia and Canada are both running infrastructure deficits and require significant investment to continue to foster economic activity and maintain core social services. NAB’s Chief Customer Officer (Acting) – Corporate & Institutional Banking discusses the key area of infrastructure that Australia needs to do better: funding.

As an exporter, you’ll want to take advantage of any reduced costs that come your way. Free trade agreements (FTAs) do just that – and will make certain markets more attractive than others because of the greater opportunities for your business.

Mornington Peninsula Shire is investing an estimated $9.5 million in emissions reduction projects over the next five years as part of a far-reaching plan to generate a cleaner and greener environment as well as operational savings.

The US economy continues along the same moderate growth path it has experienced in its recovery from the Global Financial Crisis.

Overall consumer anxiety eases a little more in Q4, but our spending behaviours are still yet to respond.

The trade minister said it was a good time for Chinese businesses to take advantage of low prices in the resources sector to position themselves for the upswing in resources, oil and gas.

China faces some interesting healthcare challenges over the next few decades – and Australian companies are well placed to be part of the solution.

Conversations about the role infrastructure plays often begins from the perspective of what we don’t yet have, what doesn’t work well, and how much more money we need to deliver better outcomes. NAB believes we are better served by reframing that conversation into one which first acknowledges the wealth of the existing infrastructure framework.

North Sydney Council has turned to some different financial strategies to create a more flexible funding structure that’s helped drive a series of multi-million dollar infrastructure projects.

Brexit is a significant shift in the geopolitical landscape, with associated uncertainty. Investors will need compensation for this with lower share prices. We believe a 15% global equity sell-off over the next 6-8 weeks is a reasonable base case.

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