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NAB SME Business Survey: Quarter 1 2020

SME confidence declines ahead of the COVID-19 disruption.

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The Forward View – Australia: July 2020

Extent of the fall in Q2 GDP revised sharply down – as is 2020. But pain still large and long lasting. With new virus uncertainties.

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Adopting a start-up mentality could be the key to innovating and enduring in today’s challenging times, says one of Australia’s best-known entrepreneurs.

COVID-19 deepened the faith business clients have in their accountants. What better time to build that advisory business?

Could a mindset shift help your business power through 2021? Experts say yes, and here are six key ways of thinking to try.

It’s been a year like no other. We ask an economist, a futurist and NAB Executive to unpack what 2020’s shocks mean for the future of business.

Stronger activity and a smaller hit to unemployment in the near term.

Office demand hit by increased work from home.

Consumers gradually returning to the market, with China still reliant on industry.

After two steps forward, European lockdowns are a step back for the recovery.

Our November note updates our analysis for the September quarter, but also takes a closer look at how consumers who withdrew their superannuation funds early have used their retirement funds.

NAB Forecasts fundamentally unchanged – but large uncertainties remain.

The retail sector has proven to be very resilient this year, although many consumers have changed their spending behaviour, leading to a boom for some retailers and bust for others.

Business confidence rose to its highest level since mid-2019, led by a large gain in Victoria.

RBA cuts rates to 0.1% and announces $100bn worth of QE.

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