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Business View

From struggling single dad to supplement success story


How an unemployed single father turned his life from anxiety to a $6 million success story.

14 Nov 2017

Digital overload? Aussies look for country air, wine and rock music


Hope Estate’s Michael Hope says there’s a new leisure market generated by stressed city folk looking for authentic experiences to enliven the senses – and Hope Estate is taking centre stage.

Economic commentary
16 Nov 2017

The Forward View – Global: November 2017

Economic commentary

Advanced economies to drive lift to above trend global growth.


How an unemployed single father turned his life from anxiety to a $6 million success story.

Medley: labour market, state GSP, housing, and Amazon.

The UK Budget was handed down overnight and UK growth estimates have been marked down from low productivity.

NAB’s proprietary indicator of Australian retail sales reveals a continuation of very slow growth in recent months.

A rather uninspired song title (from a band whose name might not make it through the filters) from your somewhat sleep-deprived scribe (Lorde concert at the Opera House on a school-night, and at my age).

The Australian beef cattle industry has enjoyed a great run over the past couple of years, with the Eastern Young Cattle Indicator (EYCI) hitting a record over 720c/kg in September last year.

The month that was for the AUD. The key events in October 2017 that impacted the AUD/USD.

The key drivers behind NAB’s AUD/USD and AUD cross-rate forecasts

The overnight session saw an improvement in risk sentiment with European equities closing in positive territory while US equities are also having a good day so far.

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