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Advice that changed my life


Good advice that you just have to take… six entrepreneurs share the words of wisdom that helped them turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

20 Nov 2018

Trailblazing farmers


Technology in agriculture – ‘agtech’ – brings endless innovations to Australian farms. And despite cost challenges, it can improve the bottom line.

Economic commentary
13 Dec 2018

The Forward View – Global: December 2018

Economic commentary

Slowing growth paired with greater uncertainty going forward.


Slowing growth paired with greater uncertainty going forward.

The Chinese economy is liberalising and opening up to the rest of the world, paving the way for foreign investors to tap into opportunities in the increasingly wealthy nation, the 2018 ASFA Conference heard.

Corporates will need to be nimble and be ready to access issuance windows at short notice in 2019.

US equities have had a shot in the arm following a Wall Street Journal report that China might open up access to their domestic markets for foreign companies.

First 25 basis point increase now expected in the second half of 2020.

Growth to slow – with rates now unlikely to change until the second half of 2020. See our special note on this.

Conditions are expected to remain strong for corporate and institutional level borrowers in Australia in 2019.

A positive reaction to reports China might drop tariffs on US car imports reversed by threats from President Trump about a possible government shutdown if he doesn’t get the funding to build the wall.

The latest NAB business survey shows further weakness in business conditions.

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