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Advice that changed my life


Good advice that you just have to take… six entrepreneurs share the words of wisdom that helped them turn their ideas into thriving businesses.

20 Nov 2018

Trailblazing farmers


Technology in agriculture – ‘agtech’ – brings endless innovations to Australian farms. And despite cost challenges, it can improve the bottom line.

Corporate and Institutional
21 Jan 2019

US Economic Update – January 2019

Economic commentary

Market turbulence to weigh on growth in 2019


Digital innovation has only served to enhance what NAB Private can provide. So why do some banking transactions seem more laborious than ever? I’d like your feedback on the highs and lows of your own private banking experience.

Australia’s energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation which includes the increased penetration of renewable energy technologies.

Global Dairy Trade auction results have seen some upside since December after a fairly weak run over much of 2018.

On a quiet day on the markets (due to Martin Luther King Day in the US) the main focus has been, again on Brexit.

In today’s Weekly we preview what to expect for the RBA’s forecasts and the narrative and risk around its outlook for the economy. We’re likely to see the Bank wind back the growth outlook and trim its inflation forecasts.

Market turbulence to weigh on growth in 2019

There was renewed hope at the tail end of last week the answer to the US China trade dispute isn’t far away.

There’s still no sign of an end to the US China trade dispute as the end of the cease-fire period draws closer.

As electricity prices continue to rise and domestic gas supply across eastern Australia tightens, Cooper Energy is one company that’s thinking big so it can be a significant part of the solution.

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