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Tech startups: Find US networks and fast-track your global success


The Propel program helps Australian technology start-ups take on the world. Apply now to spend 10 days in the US building networks, meeting investors and absorbing the ways of Silicon Valley.

20 Nov 2018

Trailblazing farmers


Technology in agriculture – ‘agtech’ – brings endless innovations to Australian farms. And despite cost challenges, it can improve the bottom line.

Economic commentary
20 Feb 2019

NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index: January 2019

Economic commentary

We forecast that ABS retail trade will return to growth – albeit modestly – in January 2019.


Reports China is blocking the import of Australian coal into its Dalian port hit the Aussie dollar hard with no sign of recovery just yet.

Have the Fed clarified its position after an apparent U-turn at their last meeting?

Year of the Pig brings an uncertain outlook

We forecast that ABS retail trade will return to growth – albeit modestly – in January 2019.

Schoolkids are doing it for themselves… when it comes to starting a career, Australia’s current crop of teenagers believe running their own show is the best way to go.

The US dollar is a little weaker this morning as the deadline for US tariffs on Chinese goods looms.

Markets are speculating whether the US will impose tariffs on car imports from Europe.

The RBA has downgraded its outlook for growth, although history shows that the Bank has regularly overstated growth since the global financial crisis.

Could Trump’s declaration of an emergency to fund his wall have consequences for the markets?

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