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Professional Services

How can law firms meet SME clients’ evolving needs?


NAB’s inaugural Legal Services Industry Survey offers key insights into what SMEs truly need and value.

Corporate and Institutional
10 Sep 2019

Major research centre finds a 17-year refinancing solution


A landmark PPP refinance meets the needs of investors for a low-risk investment as well as the needs of borrowers for longer-dated debt.

Economic commentary
18 Sep 2019

NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index: August 2019

Economic commentary

This result points to a modest improvement in retail sales, albeit from a poor result last month.


RBA to cut in October and again in December, taking the cash rate to 0.5% by year’s end.

There’s rising expectation the RBA will cut interest rates at their next meeting.

The Federal Reserve cut rates but didn’t give a clear indication of further cuts or promise the return of QE.

Companies sometimes seek changes to covenants during the life of a 10 to 15-year note. In this article, we examine the issues that can prompt such a request.

This result points to a modest improvement in retail sales, albeit from a poor result last month.

The recent NAB Super Evolution conference considered the implications of low interest rates on investments and asset allocations, and how that could affect superannuation returns.

Oil prices fell sharply on news Saudi oil production will be back in full by the end of the month.

Unemployment has edged higher since earlier this year as strong employment growth has failed to keep pace with even stronger growth in the supply of labour.

China’s industrial sector struggling ahead of the latest round of trade measures.

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