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Health professionals, are you making the most of your accountant?


Could you get more value from your financial services provider? If you only ever talk tax, you could be missing out. Stannards’ Marino Angelini explains changes in the health practice and accountant relationship and why wealth building, cost cutting and asset protection should all be part of the service.

Corporate and Institutional
8 Dec 2017

On the right path to meet the Asian opportunity


As Australia moves beyond the mining boom, we need to secure new sources of growth to ensure our future prosperity.

Economic commentary
22 Jan 2018

China’s economy at a glance: January 2018

Economic commentary

China’s official data may underestimate the strength of growth in 2017.


Dairy prices have trended downwards overall since mid last year, and although 2018 has brought some relief in USD terms, the higher AUD has eroded these gains.

A full Senate vote to ratify the deal struck a few hours ago to re-open the US government is scheduled for 4:30pm Washington time (8:30am AEDT).

China’s official data may underestimate the strength of growth in 2017.

2017 saw all 45 OECD countries and the major emerging economies in synchronised growth for the first time in 10 years. JBWere examines the impact ‘synchronised growth’ has on markets and what’s in store for investors in 2018.

The US Senate on Friday failed to muster the 60 votes necessary to pass a stop-gap funding measure that would have averted the partial government shutdown that instead went into effect at one minute past midnight on Friday.

NAB’s Securitisation team goes from strength to strength, being the clear house of choice for customers and thought leader in the market.

2017 has been the best year for both issuers and investors since 2006.

Focus is currently on Washington where a US government shutdown deadline looms this weekend unless a stopgap funding bill is agreed.

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