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Professional Services

The Great Rethink: What it means for professional services


The Great Rethink has employees reconsidering what they want from an employer – and whether a job fits with their lifestyle and values. Here’s how professional services firms can factor this into the value proposition they offer staff.

6 Apr 2022

Farm Management Deposits: building business resilience


Podcast: Farm management deposits 101 and how they can be utilised as a risk management tool.

Economic commentary
4 Jul 2022

China Economic Update – July 2022

Economic commentary

How will the US respond to China’s failure to meet its trade commitments?


Brent oil prices are down 17% since 14 June and have the potential to drive some welcome relief on headline inflation prints.

In this Weekly we explore how central banks may respond to rising recession risk and expand upon some of the leading indicators of recession

Europe remains stuck in the middle between the Russia/Ukraine crisis and a weakening global economy

How will the US respond to China’s failure to meet its trade commitments?

After a dismal first half, US equities start H2-22 with a positive tone

The AUD/USD opened the month at 0.7170, made a high of 0.7283 on June 3 and fell to its monthly low of 0.6851 on June 15.

A wild night for risk assets with recession risks rising.

National housing market sentiment fell sharply in Q2 as house prices weakened, but still positive supported by strong rents.

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