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“The latest economic updates, business trends and case studies to help our customers run their agribusiness”

Agribusiness View is NAB’s online publication designed to provide our agribusiness customers with the latest economic updates, business trends and case studies specific to their industry. Regular updates include reports, case studies and articles covering such topics as international trade, finance, succession planning and superannuation - all with the objective of helping you run your agribusiness.

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Podcast: Livestock solutions 101 – to help take advantage of a strong outlook.

NAB’s Future Farmers program is making is easier for younger farmers to buy or lease an agricultural property. Cody Scott is one of the first to benefit.

The last month has brought big changes for Australian agriculture, with global growth concerns hitting many commodity prices, but seasonal conditions still mostly supportive and further signs that input costs are stabilising.

When it comes to sustainability and eco-innovation, this fifth-generation wine-making family is an Australian success story.

Since last month’s wrap, we have seen further gains in most agricultural commodity prices, tentative signs of a stabilisation in fertiliser prices, combined with a lower AUD and a weakening global growth outlook.

In this excerpt from the new NAB Regional & Agribusiness Horizons Report Dean Pearson, Head of Behavioural & Industry Economics at NAB, highlights key differences in attitudes and behaviours among city, regional and rural dwellers – including the finding that rural and regional Australians are happier.

Download NAB’s Regional & Agribusiness Horizons Report for compelling new insights into regional and rural Australia.

Since last month’s wrap, we have seen three key changes, namely more rain forecast, ongoing inflationary pressures making central banks more hawkish and a materially weaker global economic outlook.

Podcast: Farm management deposits 101 and how they can be utilised as a risk management tool.

Optiweigh founder Bill Mitchell developed a machine that improved his own beef production operations. Now cattle farmers are knocking down his door.

As the grains logistics industry changed, forward-thinking Jim Riordan evolved his business to stay ahead.

Twenty-nine years ago, when their first ever tomato crop was destroyed by rain and hail, Warren Nichol and Mark Millis were convinced there must be a better way.

NAB has today launched its Future Farmers proposition to help the next generation of farmers purchase or lease their first farm by providing tailored solutions.

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