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“Economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises”

Business View Connect is NAB’s online source of economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises. We draw on insights from NAB’s economists and a range of Australian business experts so you’re armed with the tips you need to help your business succeed. Regular topics include cash flow, business planning and wealth management.

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As COVID-19 restrictions ease, Australian businesses need to regroup and recover – but what will that journey entail and how long will it take?

Podcast: How businesses can lead post COVID-19.

Podcast: How can small businesses bounce back from COVID-19?

Podcast: Can the professional services sector continue to lead in the months ahead?

Latest podcast: Did COVID-19 usher in new business model era?

New podcast: NAB CEO and Group Chief Economist on how Australia will rise again.

As Australians face one of the deepest recessions of the past century, businesses will need to make tough decisions around their human resources. But how will this play out in the long term? And what trends will we see emerge in the new reality that is post-COVID-19?

When lockdown restrictions end, we look into whether less business travel, and more remote working and flexible hours will become the new norms for Australian business.

Jamie Davison, co-founder of accountancy practice Carbon Group, reveals the five steps you should take before submitting this year’s tax return.

The coronavirus pandemic is hastening the digital journey for many Australian businesses, as restrictions designed to slow the spread of the virus put paid to old ways of doing things.

In this webinar we unpack how businesses can improve their controls to minimise the rise of cyber attacks.

Listen to new podcast: As restrictions ease, how can small businesses rebuild their finances?

This webinar looks at innovative ways NFP and Religious organisations can engage their community and increase donations during the COVID-19 crisis.

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