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“Economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises”

Business View Connect is NAB’s online source of economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises. We draw on insights from NAB’s economists and a range of Australian business experts so you’re armed with the tips you need to help your business succeed. Regular topics include cash flow, business planning and wealth management.

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There are many business opportunities as the economy rebounds. What will it take for your business to return to growth?

Lower costs, greater productivity and more profitability are just three of the benefits entrepreneur Mat Stillone’s automation investment has unleashed.

A diverse workforce is one thing… but it’s cognitive diversity that can truly set your business apart.

Real estate businesses were justifiably anxious in early 2020. A year later they have good cause to celebrate. So how did we get here and can it last?

When the pandemic hit Spacecube used their customisable, portable, and reusable buildings to put together an emergency COVID hospital in 15 hours.

A new podcast that looks at what strategies clients used to manage the recent foreign exchange market volatility.

A podcast that explores how Australian importers managed their foreign exchange strategies during and post the global pandemic.

How Not-for-Profit organisations are rebuilding in a Post COVID environment.

Why using multiple communication mediums to deliver a consistent customer experience and marketing campaigns could see your business prosper.

A strategy known as business process improvement – or BPI – could help deliver rapid benefits to your operations. Bill Lang, of Small Business Australia, discusses ways to put it into practice. 

Accountants with a human-centric service mindset have nothing to fear from accelerating their digital capabilities. They may even find it brings them closer to their clients.

As law firms continue to look for ways to stay competitive amid digital disruption, the need for their own innovative technology is greater than ever. But what to invest in?

It’s never been cheaper and easier to upgrade the digital side of doing business. Use this expert guide to choose where to prioritise your IT spending.

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