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“Economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises”

Business View Connect is NAB’s online source of economic updates, business trends and case studies specifically for small to medium enterprises. We draw on insights from NAB’s economists and a range of Australian business experts so you’re armed with the tips you need to help your business succeed. Regular topics include cash flow, business planning and wealth management.

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Currency fluctuations, labour shortages, shipping logjams – it’s been a troubled two years for trading businesses. In the third instalment of our Supply Chain Q&A series, our industry experts look at the outlook for this critical part of the Australian economy.

Planning a merger or acquisition for your accounting firm? The Accounting M&A Report 2022 has the insights, data and strategies you need to succeed.

This article first appeared in the Australian Financial Review. By Ian Grayson.

The Great Rethink has employees reconsidering what they want from an employer – and whether a job fits with their lifestyle and values. Here’s how professional services firms can factor this into the value proposition they offer staff.

An upended international trading environment brings both new pressures and fresh opportunities. In the second instalment of our Supply Chain Q&A series, our experts examine how Australian importers are moving forward and gearing up for further growth.

WA’s economy has emerged from the pandemic stronger than ever. Our experts outline the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Report overview The COVID pandemic has caused significant challenges for supply chains across the globe, and Australian SMEs have not […]

Watch as our experts discuss the elements of a successful merger or acquisition, from building a solid strategy to understanding the importance of cultural fit to balancing pricing considerations.

The global pandemic upended every aspect of trading business operations, including supply chains. In the first of NAB’s three-part series of roundtables, NAB’s Michael Saadie speaks to two industry insiders about how supply chains have been impacted and what Australia’s traders are doing to adapt and capitalise on ever-increasing consumer demand.

The issue of social consciousness has grown in importance in today’s market and has become a focal point for numerous […]

Rapid growth and huge demand proved a cash flow challenge to toy company Connetix. Here’s how NAB specialist support bolstered their continued expansion.

We asked nine inspirational female business leaders to tell us the one thing they’re doing this year to break the bias. Their answers point the way forward for female equality and achievement.

From moving to paperless to rethinking talent strategies, digital transformation will be different for every legal practice.

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