Corporate and Institutional Banking

Corporate and Institutional Banking

The Corporate and Institutional Banking team is wholly focused on delivering the best client relationships: understanding and supporting clients over the long term, providing consistent execution and proactive relevant advice.


Australia offers Asian investors portfolio diversification in a stable economic and political environment.

Sustainable bonds are appealing to a wider set of investors as the market develops, a recent conference was told.

High net worth and sophisticated investors are increasingly looking to corporate bonds as a way to preserve capital while delivering higher yields than cash or government bonds.

NAB recently invited Treasury representatives from Heathrow, Changi, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland airports to a virtual Global Round Table to discuss the opportunities and challenges of rapid growth in passenger traffic.

After 27 years of steady economic growth – a record unmatched by any other developed economy – some are asking whether Australia is overdue for a recession.

Global investors are increasingly allocating funds to infrastructure and many investors are implementing new methods and measures to both adapt to and lead a stewardship mandate into infrastructure investment.

US private placements to stay a step ahead of the funding options pack for Australian corporate borrowers

As more local governments around Australia seek new ways to treat food waste, councils in southeast Melbourne will meet the challenge of bulging landfill and increasing greenhouse emissions by composting household organic waste on an industrial scale.

Where do Australian businesses stand on renewable energy usage?

There’s growing awareness across industry, government and the community that we need to improve the way we design, build and operate the buildings in which we heal.

Australia’s energy landscape is undergoing a significant transformation which includes the increased penetration of renewable energy technologies.

As electricity prices continue to rise and domestic gas supply across eastern Australia tightens, Cooper Energy is one company that’s thinking big so it can be a significant part of the solution.

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