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Health View

“Economic updates, business trends and case studies specific to the healthcare industry”

Health View is NAB’s dedicated online source of economic updates, business trends and case studies specific to the healthcare industry. Designed to help our customers reach both their business and personal wealth goals, we provide regular features from industry experts on finance, property, marketing and legislation.

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It’s not hard to see why integrated primary health care is gaining traction in Australia – co-located multidisciplinary teams can deliver big benefits.

Better for patients, practitioners and taxpayers, value-based healthcare takes a more holistic approach to funding and treatment – and it’s gaining momentum.

It’s set to be one of the fastest-growing areas of innovation – and Australia has what it takes to be a world leader. Here’s how we could step on to the digital health global stage.

Opening a medical practice – or two, or three – can be exciting… and nerve-racking. Longstanding NAB Medfin banker Jason Savage shares his views on how to set yourself up for success. 

This time last year, the nation’s hospitals braced for a potentially overwhelming crisis. We look back at their response to COVID-19 and which changes could be here to stay.

Doctors depend on their patients to tell the truth, but research shows many don’t. Could discussing ailments with a chatbot be the answer?

It was the biggest health crisis in a generation yet, during the worst of the 2020 pandemic, many primary care practices were quieter than ever. As recovery gets under way, we study COVID’s current and future impact on operating a healthcare business.

How COVID altered health behaviours – and health businesses.

A desire for social connection is fundamental to our wellbeing; being deprived of it can pose significant mental and physical consequences.

NAB’s annual Consumer Health survey of over 1000 Australians provides a unique insight into Australia’s health system through the eyes of those that rely upon it – patients.

NAB’s research in collaboration with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia demonstrates how pharmacies have become more important to their community than ever before.

NAB’s latest in-depth report reveals how Australians and the health system are coping with COVID-19.

Insights into Australia’s Pharmacy sector post COVID-19 through the eyes of pharmacists.

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