Rob Brooker

Rob Brooker

Head of Australian Economics & Commodities

“Rob leads a team that monitor and forecast the Australian economy and key relevant mining and farm commodities”

Rob joined NAB in January 2010 and is a macroeconomic forecaster and modeller, with long experience in government and the private sector. At NAB, his team monitors and forecasts the Australian economy and key relevant mining and farm commodities.

Prior to this, Rob worked at the Victorian Treasury for 13 years, as chief macroeconomic and tax revenue forecaster. He was also responsible for economic modelling work measuring the potential impacts of the national reform agenda of the Council of Australian Governments.

Rob was also responsible for domestic economic forecasting at the Commonwealth Treasury and worked on economic modelling in the federal government and private sector for over a decade.


The recent depreciation of the dollar has not been all good news for Australian business. While a weaker dollar has helped raise returns in export markets and blunted some import competition it has also raised input costs for some domestic industries that are in no position to pass them on.

The recent capex and exploration expectations data suggest that mining investment may be approaching a turning point. A decline is inevitable: the question is when and how fast. On the basis of past engineering construction commencements, there are reasons to believe …

Commentary on labour productivity growth. Labour productivity growth has slowed markedly in recent years, prompting calls for further economic reform. […]

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