Overall sentiment in commercial property markets moderated for the second straight quarter, with NAB’s Commercial Property Index down 5 points to +18 in Q3, but still well above long-term average levels (+2).

Turning IP into profitable products: WA start-up Wangle Technologies has the lucrative network security market in its sights.

Economic growth in most states is expected to strengthen somewhat in 2017-18 before moderating a little in 2018-19 as dwelling investment and LNG exports peak.

The index tracks 28 commodities weighted by the relative size of each commodity in the Australian agricultural sector.

It’s not just nutritional benefits and old-fashioned happiness behind the Sunny Queen egg story – the company’s embrace of digital marketing includes giving an egg its very own blog. The strategy is working.

Balancing multiple objectives, as business remains strong and consumers cautious.

Artisans of Barossa, a collaboration of six winemaker mates, was born following a business growth decision to band together under the one umbrella brand. The result has been a host of benefits for both the individual business owners and their beloved wine region.

Business conditions are strong, but retail is still a significant concern.

Over 130,000 Australian business owners will benefit from a complete overhaul of NAB’s existing business standard loan form contract.

Australian agribusinesses are joining forces with universities to harness growing interest in agricultural careers and develop the future industry leadership needed to succeed in the global agricultural marketplace.

Insights into the mindset of Australian consumers – their anxieties around future spending and savings plans, what drives these concerns and how they are impacting actual spending behaviours and financial hardship.

For the first time since their introduction in 1999, Farm Management Deposits have topped $6 billion. Khan Horne, General Manager of NAB Agribusiness, explains which sectors and states have fuelled this incredible growth, and what the result means for the Australian agricultural sector.
Khan Horne, General Manager, NAB Agribusiness

Traditional law and accounting firms need to take a hard look at their business models and ways of pricing, or they risk getting left behind. The man who brought the term NewLaw to the world and has researched and written extensively on the subject gives five pieces of advice.

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