Overall sentiment around commercial property (measured by the NAB Commercial Property Index) moderated a little in Q4 (down 1 to +17) but is still well above the long-term average (+2).

Strong improvement in SME business conditions in Q4 2017, while confidence retreated a touch.

2018 has seen a fairly mixed start to the year, with significant differences between regions and industries.

The quarterly NAB Business Survey gives a more in-depth probe into the conditions facing Australian business than the monthly survey, and also provides extra information about how firms perceive the outlook for their respective industries.

After half a century in business, Geoff Slade has learnt a thing or two. Here he shares seven truths about what it takes to make it in the business world.

NAB’s Consumer Anxiety Index* was basically unchanged in Q4 2017 at near survey lows with job security causing Australians the least stress, consistent with a strongly improving labour market.

In seasonally adjusted terms, at -2.2%, online retail sales contracted in December, the largest since November 2014. Looking through the month to month volatility, while the trend is still positive, it has again slowed.

Japan is arguably Australia’s most important Asian ally, and its large market of wealthy consumers is a natural target for Australian businesses selling high-quality goods and services. Here are some tips to help you establish successful business relationships.

In 2009, Sheryl Thai had just started a business and was like any other fledgling entrepreneur: hard-working, idealistic, passionate. Yet she felt alone. What she did next became the basis of a movement that’s helped thousands of women across Australia find their business voice: the League of Extraordinary Women.

Could you get more value from your financial services provider? If you only ever talk tax, you could be missing out. Stannards’ Marino Angelini explains changes in the health practice and accountant relationship and why wealth building, cost cutting and asset protection should all be part of the service.

Last month’s surprise spike in business conditions was more than unwound in November, although that was partly expected.

Passion, persistence and cash flow… hipages co-founder David Vitek shares his formula for turning a shoestring start-up into a profitable business.

The craft beer industry has exploded in Australia. Four brewers explain what’s driving demand, where the sector is headed and what others entering the industry might consider.

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