An improvement across the Survey – but some way to go.

SME Conditions & Confidence better in Q3, but still weak.

Latest restrictions will hit Victoria’s economy hard, but COVID-19 has impacted all states.

Conditions continue to recover, but confidence remains fragile.

The impact of COVID-19 sees a large deterioration in conditions.

Both business conditions and confidence continued to rebound in June – though it is important to note they are still weak in level terms.

Business conditions saw a broad-based improvement in the month but remain deeply negative – at a level last seen coming out of the GFC.

Business confidence remains very weak despite a rebound in the month.

No state or territory will be spared from COVID-19 economic fall-out.

Business confidence saw its largest decline on record and is now at its weakest level in the history of the NAB Monthly Business Survey.

SME confidence declines ahead of the COVID-19 disruption.

Confidence deteriorates on the early impact of Covid-19.

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