NAB’s proprietary indicator of Australian retail sales, the NAB Cashless Retail Sales Index, reveals a sharp decline in spending in the month of August.

Australia’s next phase of growth must be defined by ideas, creativity and execution. Our future lies in our ability to foster a culture of innovation. But how do we measure innovation across all sizes and types of business?

In Australia, the August NAB Monthly Business Survey showed some mixed results, but is still encouraging overall.

Global growth lifts in mid-2017, heading back towards trend rate as pace of advanced economy output expansion picks up.

RBA to remove some emergency accommodation in 2018.

Seasonal conditions remain a major consideration.

Increasing household wealth (due to rising equity and house prices), as well as a high level of consumer confidence, remain tailwinds for consumer spending.

The Indian economy decelerated in the June quarter, growing by 5.7% yoy, the lowest since March 2014.

Waiting to see if goals on tax and trade can make up for failure on health reform

Q2 GDP data will be released on Wednesday 6 September at 11:30am AEST. Additional partials will be available tomorrow and may alter our forecast.

After a sluggish start to the year, GDP growth rebounded in the June quarter and the labour market continues to tighten.

Chinese data generally weaker in July, returning to trend after strong June

Unwinding road ahead – weaker Chinese producer prices providing headwinds for advanced economy inflation

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