COVID-19 uncertainty continues to cloud China’s economic outlook.

A solid result despite virus disruptions early in the year.

Imports to weigh on growth despite strong consumption.

COVID lockdowns point to weaker growth and greater uncertainty in the near term.

COVID outbreaks dampened growth in March, and cloud near-term outlook.

COVID and energy prices present sizeable risk to China’s ambitious growth target.

A strong rebound in activity as lockdowns end.

Rebound sets the stage for a strong 2022.

China enters 2022 with relatively weak momentum and considerable uncertainty.

November data show little underlying improvement from October’s weakness.

GDP Q3 2021 – A short and sharp fall, now firmly in the rear view mirror.

Large fall sets up “W-shaped” recovery.

Partials point to a weak start to Q4, with production and retail soft and investment contracting.

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