Risks remain amid rapid rise in cattle prices.

A weak result ahead of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Dairy dynamics: prices, drought and costs impacting dairy landscape.

China’s ends 2019 in line with expectation.

China’s industrial sector appears to have stabilised ahead of new trade deal.

Consumption growth remains weak.

Most of China’s indicators relatively weak year-on-year, however, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China at the start of the October has made this harder to gauge.

Trade war finally shows its impact on China, as industrial sector drags Q3 growth lower.

Across advanced economies, business investment has underwhelmed since the global financial crisis, contributing to weak productivity and lower potential growth. 

Pork shortfall to maintain higher inflation in the near term.

Treasury representatives from Associated British Ports, Peel Ports, NSW Ports and the Port of Tauranga recently met to explore and share their insights on the opportunities and challenges facing port owners and operators.

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