What does next year hold for Australian business owners? Listen to our podcast for NAB Chief Economist Alan Oster’s 2020 vision on the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The weekly looks at the turnaround in the budget where our analysis suggests the budget returned to surplus in the second half of 2018.

The Victorian economy has been one of Australia’s fastest growing this year. Given the scope of construction projects now ramping up it’s likely transport infrastructure spending will continue to contribute strongly to Victorian growth over the next year.

In a Victorian first, Sacred Heart Mission and the Victorian Government recently launched the state’s first Social Impact Investment, an innovative financing structure that supports positive social change.

Australian markets started this week with a new Prime Minister. The Weekly looks at eight key issues for business and investors to consider.

Ray discusses the possible scenarios that could play out in Australian politics today and what the market impact will be – it’s already hit the Aussie dollar quite markedly.

This Weekly is being released early as a preview of next Tuesday’s Federal Budget, likely the last before the next election, which is due by 18 May 2019.

The trends reshaping health and the future implications for the Australian marketplace.

Reduced government funding and a growing population are forcing local councils to find alternative funding for public assets and community projects. NAB has already started filling the gap, with new mechanisms opening up funding sources usually closed to small lenders.

This fourth in a series of Policy Outlook papers, by The Better Infrastructure Initiative and The University of Sydney’s John Grill Centre for Project Leadership, addresses the pressing issue of how to create customer-led infrastructure and the long term benefits it brings to stakeholders.

The Queensland Government’s first social bond that seeks to reduce reoffending by young people has been launched by Life Without Barriers and NAB.

Skills shortage holding back Australian business.

After the recent investor jitters triggered by the failure of some Public Private Partnership (PPP) toll roads, it looks like a new wave of infrastructure PPPs, kick-started by Federal and State Government investment, are making a strong comeback.

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