Re-Affirming our rate view and an update on the outlook for QE.

YCC to end at Apr-24 and QE to be tapered to $75bn.

QE to continue, RBA to grapple with ending YCC.

RBA cuts rates to 0.1% and announces $100bn worth of QE.

The RBA continues to signal further monetary easing is likely.

RBA to soon undertake yield curve control, reinforcing fiscal stimulus.

RBA likely to stay on hold in February – with labour market conditions buying time. But cuts are still coming.

Little support from fiscal policy to see further cuts in February and June, with a move to QE in the second half of 2020 a real prospect.

Next RBA cut delayed to February 2020, with the risk of further cuts and QE by mid-2020 without fiscal stimulus.

RBA to cut in October and again in December, taking the cash rate to 0.5% by year’s end.

Cash Rate to 0.5% by February; more stimulus by mid 2020 unless the Government steps in.

NAB fine-tunes timing of rate call: RBA to cut in July to 1%

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