The Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc top the FX leader board while the AUD is close to the bottom at 0.7884.

The USD rally ground to a halt overnight amid continued US political machinations and uncertainty over the trajectory for inflation in the latest FOMC Minutes.

Looking through Spotify this morning I was surprised to see that “Animal” is quite a popular song title. I was going with Pearl Jam 1994 hit, but then I noticed I could have gone with Deft Leppard or more recently Ellie Goulding or Kesha would have also done the trick.

The Aussie was slightly weaker at -0.5% with weaker than expected Chinese data weighing alongside a stronger US dollar.

Looking for improvement in SA, QLD and WA.

The NASDAQ rose by an impressive 0.64. In commodities USD slippage helped gold gain $4 to $1287.7 (up $20 on the week).

Looking at the overnight chart US equities opened lower following the moves from Europe and Asia.

Geopolitical tensions surrounding North Korea dominated the overnight session. However, market moves were contained following a winding back in rhetoric by US Administration officials.

Bridging the gap is a song by American rapper Nas and as a tribute to his father the song aims to bridge the gap from blues, to jazz, to rap.

It’s been a slow start to the week, not just because of yesterday’s NSW bank holiday (it’s not exactly the centre of the universe is it, much as some of us might like to believe otherwise?).

Retail glimmers of light in a competitive landscape.

DJ Khaled didn’t have the folks in Washington’s Eccles Building in mind when he composed ‘Fed Up’ in 2009, but December 2017 Fed rate hike pricing pushed up from around 40% to 50% on Friday.

The British Pound has been knocked off its recent lofty perch.

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