Alan Oster

Alan Oster

Group Chief Economist

“Alan is responsible for NAB’s global economic and financial forecasts”

Alan joined the Bank in 1992 from the Federal Treasury where he worked for 15 years - his special field being economic forecasting and monetary policy. He graduated (with first class honours) in economics from Newcastle University. He also holds a Masters degree in economics from the Australian National University.

Immediately before joining the Bank, Alan was the Senior Adviser in Treasury responsible for economic forecasting and modelling. In 1987 he was seconded for nearly four years as Counsellor-Economic and Financial with Australia’s delegation to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in Paris.

As Group Chief Economist, Alan is responsible for NAB’s global economic and financial forecasts. He is also a highly respected and much quoted commentator on Australian and global economic trends and policy issues.


As anticipated, the Coalition delivered an election Budget – but the headline tax cuts only hit in 2022-23. Meanwhile, questions abound about the Government’s optimistic forecasts and just how stimulatory this Budget is.

Augmented Yield Curves in the US and Australia – what do they tell us about the growth outlook for Australia and the US?

We discuss the future of health and why failure to innovate nowadays isn’t an option.

We shine a light on the ongoing innovation efforts of Australian business.

It’s all about infrastructure, tax and supporting the Baby Boomers this year. The expected pre election spend hasn’t materialised.

Listen to Alan Oster, NAB Group Chief Economist, provide his Federal Budget Preview ahead of Tuesday night’s Federal Budget release.

Listen to Alan Oster, NAB’s Group Chief Economist, Tom Elliott, 3AW Drive Host and Vicki Macdermid, Partner at Pitcher Partners, bringing you expert insights to what the budget means for you and your business.

Australia’s GDP continues to grow in spite of subdued wages growth and consumer spending. Gaining a greater understanding of how these contradictory trends break down across regional and metropolitan areas, as well as consumer spending categories, is behind NAB’s expansion of its Consumer Spending and Cashless Retail analyses.

Listen to Alan Oster bringing you expert insights to what the budget means for you and your business.
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This year’s Federal Budget included some highly anticipated features and some real surprises. We’ve broken it down by sector.

It was a busy budget this year for NAB customers, with a wide range of measures from infrastructure to education to Medicare. Alan Oster, NAB Group Chief Economist, shares his view and NAB’s long term growth outlook.

As expected, the centerpiece of this Budget is increased infrastructure spending, a new Housing Affordability plan, Gonski 2.0 and increased emphasis on the “Operating Fiscal Balance” (“good” versus “bad” deficits).

Tax measures for customers focused on Medicare, small business and housing affordability in Federal Budget 2017.

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