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Across advanced economies, business investment has underwhelmed since the global financial crisis, contributing to weak productivity and lower potential growth. 

There was something for everyone in Friday night’s US employment report.

The RBA meets today and the market is 79% priced for a rate cut with 74% of economists surveyed also expecting a rate cut, including NAB.

The Government pushes for greater transparency as unconventional monetary policy nears.

Unemployment has edged higher since earlier this year as strong employment growth has failed to keep pace with even stronger growth in the supply of labour.

Crude oil markets may tighten significantly following weaponised drone attacks on the world’s largest oil refinery at Abqaiq on Saturday.

The Reserve Bank believes the main domestic risk to the outlook is consumer spending.

Retail property conditions have been mixed given low wage growth and weak consumer demand.

The main domestic risk to the outlook is the uncertainty around consumer spending.

The RBA sees Australian QE as unlikely in the near term. Read our analysis.

The RBA thinks the economy may be at a “gentle turning point” underpinned by their optimism for mining investment. The Weekly analyses.

The Weekly analyses the impact of the housing downturn on inflation.

Our analysis suggests that the real exchange rate has more of an impact on growth than earlier RBA analysis.

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