Financial Markets


The federal election and lower expected interest rates have contributed to a rebound in business confidence- but not business conditions.

Governor Lowe has said that reducing unemployment to the bank’s 4.5% estimate of the NAIRU should return inflation to the 2-3% target band.

The RBA is expected to cut the cash rate on Tuesday, with a follow-up cut expected in August.

The RBA will be helped by looming personal income tax cuts and a relaxation of prudential regulations on mortgages. 

Shock election result sees the unexpected re-election of the Coalition government

This week we’ve examined excess capacity in the labour market.

Australia recently experienced one of its largest booms on record in residential investment, driven by new construction as renovations to existing homes inexplicably languished. The Weekly analyses.

The Weekly explores falling house prices – how do they compare with history and international experience?

This weekly investigates the divergence between weak GDP growth and the strong labour market.

In this weekly, we’ve looked at low inflation, focusing on the role played by weak wage growth.

In this weekly, we explore the weakness in consumer spending, which helped drive the broader economic slowdown that took the RBA by surprise in the second half of last year.

The weekly looks at the turnaround in the budget where our analysis suggests the budget returned to surplus in the second half of 2018.

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