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US equities finish last week strongly with positive trial results from Merck’s Covid treatment drug helping sentiment.

Now that the other side of the pandemic is emerging, clients are starting to ask how high rates will go when central banks start to normalise policy.

There’s been some speculation that Australia’s AAA rating may be downgraded by one notch to ‘AA+’ in the wake of the Federal Budget.

The labour market recovery has been much faster than expected.

We look at population dynamics over the COVID period and assess their implications for the outlook for rents.


The signals to watch to see if central banks are right or wrong.

What’s the economic and financial markets landscape 12 Months on from the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic?

We investigate the implications of the sharp fall in underemployment.

AUD/USD outlook revised up.

We’ve constructed an experimental summary index based on the common trend in a range of a mix of daily and weekly private-sector and official statistics

The Weekly looks at the Parliamentary Budget Office’s estimates of the impact of the virus on the budget. Plus, the Government’s recently announced housing subsidy.

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