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AUD/USD outlook revised up.

We’ve constructed an experimental summary index based on the common trend in a range of a mix of daily and weekly private-sector and official statistics

The Weekly looks at the Parliamentary Budget Office’s estimates of the impact of the virus on the budget. Plus, the Government’s recently announced housing subsidy.

Budget revision provides scope for additional stimulus to shore up recovery.

Measuring spare capacity amid an exodus from the workforce.

Lower net overseas migration should see Australia’s population growth more than halve to 0.7% in 2020-21.

Easier monetary policy should be helpful in supporting the economy as activity rebounds later this year.

The instant recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic has seen an unprecedented easing of both monetary and fiscal policy.

Read the findings of our analysis of past depressions and recessions in Australia.

NAB continues to expect the RBA to cut the cash rate to 0.25% in April.

Markets are now monitoring the spread of coronavirus outside China.

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