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Australia recently experienced one of its largest booms on record in residential investment, driven by new construction as renovations to existing homes inexplicably languished. The Weekly analyses.

The Weekly explores falling house prices – how do they compare with history and international experience?

This weekly investigates the divergence between weak GDP growth and the strong labour market.

In this weekly, we’ve looked at low inflation, focusing on the role played by weak wage growth.

In this weekly, we explore the weakness in consumer spending, which helped drive the broader economic slowdown that took the RBA by surprise in the second half of last year.

The weekly looks at the turnaround in the budget where our analysis suggests the budget returned to surplus in the second half of 2018.

The RBA has downgraded its outlook for growth, although history shows that the Bank has regularly overstated growth since the global financial crisis.

Get up to speed on the key themes for the Chinese economy in 2019 with our latest podcast.

It has been another bad day at the office for equity markets, beginning in the Asian session and spreading across Europe and the US.

It was a subdued end to last week for markets, oil still high in the aftermath of Trump reimposing sanctions on Iran. The housing sector is our special topic for this Weekly.

This Weekly is being released early as a preview of next Tuesday’s Federal Budget, likely the last before the next election, which is due by 18 May 2019.

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