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The RBA has downgraded its outlook for growth, although history shows that the Bank has regularly overstated growth since the global financial crisis.

Get up to speed on the key themes for the Chinese economy in 2019 with our latest podcast.

It has been another bad day at the office for equity markets, beginning in the Asian session and spreading across Europe and the US.

It was a subdued end to last week for markets, oil still high in the aftermath of Trump reimposing sanctions on Iran. The housing sector is our special topic for this Weekly.

This Weekly is being released early as a preview of next Tuesday’s Federal Budget, likely the last before the next election, which is due by 18 May 2019.

Testing and (hints of) building capacity

Views from the US on Australia and the US

Breaking down RBA research on wages.

In understanding the drivers of the rise in AUD/USD from 0.75 in early December to above 0.81 in January, higher commodity prices have justified much of the move.

Friday was another choppy day for equity markets, although the S&P500 managed to end on a positive note.

Focus is currently on Washington where a US government shutdown deadline looms this weekend unless a stopgap funding bill is agreed.

We’ve analysed where the Aussie dollar has spent most of its time since it was floated in 1983 and the results may surprise you.

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