October 10, 2023

HICAPS: Driving positive change in health

HICAPS exciting next chapter: Integrations to Best Practice & Medical Director.

For the past 25 years, HICAPS has stood at the forefront of the allied health industry, providing essential claiming solutions to over 90,000 healthcare professionals. As a market leader, HICAPS has continually evolved its services to meet the ever-changing needs of both practitioners and patients. HICAPS upcoming integrations to Australia’s leading General Practitioner (GP) Practice Management Software providers, Best Practice & Pracsoft by Medical Director, represent an exciting next chapter for the healthcare industry.

The Vital Role of Facilitating Claiming for Healthcare Professionals

HICAPS has become an integral part of the healthcare industry by offering efficient, reliable, and secure claiming services via its gold standard Trinity Terminal and Digital Claims portal. HICAPS recognizes that facilitating payments is more than just a transactional process for healthcare professionals. It’s about ensuring seamless interactions with patients, reducing administrative burdens, and ultimately, improving patient care. HICAPS recognizes that a streamlined claiming system not only benefits practitioners but also enhances the patient experience. Timely and hassle-free point of sale experiences contribute to patient satisfaction as well as create vital time savings for our busy healthcare professionals.

Integration with Best Practice and Medical Director

HICAPS has taken a giant leap forward by integrating its terminals with Australia’s leading GP Practice Management Software providers, Best Practice & Pracsoft by Medical Director. This integration allows GPs to harness the same trusted and reliable claiming solutions that allied health professionals have relied on for years. Additionally, HICAPS brings an understanding of the needs of a busy practice, supporting up to 25 bank accounts, allowing for many different businesses and contractors in the same practice, with its multi-merchant facility and access to claiming from 100% of Australia’s Private Health insurance providers. You can read more about HICAPS for GP’s here.

Beyond Terminals: HICAPS Digital Claims

As the healthcare industry has evolved, HICAPS has kept pace, moving beyond just terminals with the HICAPS Digital Claims portal, a solution designed to assist healthcare professionals with fast invoicing and claiming from state government recovery schemes such as TAC, Worksafe Victoria, Workcover Queensland, ICWA and the NDIS. HICAPS Digital Claims portal complements the role HICAPS terminals play in busy healthcare clinics and transforms HICAPS into a comprehensive claiming partner for healthcare providers. In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, accessing payments from these schemes is paramount to supporting healthcare professionals and ensuring equitable access to healthcare.

HICAPS dedication to streamlining claiming, integrating with practice management software partners and innovative solutions like the HICAPS Digital Claims portal exemplify its commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare industry. As healthcare continues to evolve, HICAPS remains a trusted partner, simplifying claiming processes and enhancing the overall healthcare experience for both providers and patients. Learn more about the difference that HICAPS could make in your practice here.