August 15, 2022

Making a difference one trade at a time

Thank you for a successful Flood Relief Trading Day.

We have come to expect great things from nabtrade’s annual Charity Trading Day. In a year when Australia’s flood victims desperately needed our help, nabtrade’s Flood Relief Trading Day didn’t disappoint.

For many Australians, 2022 will be remembered as the Year of Rain. Intense and at times relentless downpours and the resulting flooding wreaked havoc on many communities.

With the widespread severity of the storms and flooding, affected communities across Queensland and NSW needed all the practical support they could get, so in May 2022 we held a special nabtrade Flood Relief Trading Day with proceeds going to GIVIT.

GIVIT is a for-purpose organisation supporting people and communities impacted by an emergency or disaster, working to make sure people receive exactly what they need to recover, where and when they need it most. GIVIT’s support ranges from providing clean bottled water, blankets and mattresses, to food and fuel vouchers for people who can’t return to their homes.

Thanks to the generosity of our many investors, we raised an incredible $251,000 to directly help flood victims throughout Queensland and NSW.

The nabtrade partnership with GIVIT meant we could support flood-affected communities in a highly practical way – with the support they need now plus ongoing assistance. Through GIVIT, we spent the entire $251,000 raised – rapidly redeploying the funds in the form of goods and vouchers to those most in need. For the full nabtrade_2022 Floods Acquittal_GIVIT_FINAL click here.

In NSW, recipients included a Lismore family of four whose home – a caravan – was washed away in the floods, taking all their belongings with it. GIVIT used our funds to provide them with shopping vouchers as well as a washing machine and fridge.

Another NSW recipient, who spent 12 hours stranded on top of his water tank as flood waters washed through his house, also received shopping vouchers, together with a vacuum cleaner and rug.

In Queensland, meanwhile, a young mother and her children who were forced to flee their home as it was inundated had no option but to store food in a cooler when they returned to their devasted home four days later. As well as a fridge and washing machine, they received a queen-sized bed, mattress and bed linen.

Giving in a way that counts

As GIVIT notes, unsolicited donations can hamper recovery efforts and overwhelm charities on the ground. The benefit of its system is that people can help at a time when they really want to, in a way that’s meaningful. Certainly, our nabtrade investors embraced the idea and we thank them for their generosity.

In nabtrade, we have a proud history of supporting programs and organisations which are making a real difference in the community. In 2017, we established our annual nabtrade Charity Trading Day.

In November 2021, the money raised went to supporting UNICEF’s ‘Give the world a shot’ appeal to help deliver COVID-19 vaccines to countries in need. In 2020, the focus was on mental health, with most of the funds going to Rural Aid’s Young Minds program, which helps improve mental wellness for rural youth.

At nabtrade, we view the day as a win-win for everyone involved. We love it, our staff love it and our investors embrace it wholeheartedly, keen to help those people most in need.

As NAB Private Wealth Executive Justin Greiner observed: “Many of our investors will save trades for NAB Charity Trading Day. They will think about big, long-term portfolio shifts that they want to make and think of doing it on Charity Trading Day because they know they’re doing great things with their money.”


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