The recent NAB Super Evolution conference considered the implications of low interest rates on investments and asset allocations, and how that could affect superannuation returns.

Amid an expensive market and an uncertain global economy, fund managers are cautioning discipline, though there are opportunities for investors to look outside traditional markets and work on assets.

A landmark PPP refinance meets the needs of investors for a low-risk investment as well as the needs of borrowers for longer-dated debt.

The bond market has long been opaque, with bonds traded in parcels far too large for the average investors, but what might a more accessible bond market look like?

Overall market sentiment lifted 9 points to +7 in Q2. It rose in all states (bar SA/NT), and was highest in VIC & NSW.

It’s taken a while to gain momentum, but fixed income is starting to feature in high net worth portfolios in Australia, catching up with offshore peers.

Panelists at NAB’s annual DCM conference discussed the ideal confluence of demand and supply in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, which is home to some of the worlds fastest growing economies.

NAB recently brought together a group of insurance professionals with ESG market experts and practitioners to explore risk, operations, reputational and investment issues.

June was another month of two halves for the AUD/USD.

What are Australia’s wealthiest doing to prepare for tax-time?

Australia offers Asian investors portfolio diversification in a stable economic and political environment.

Overall market sentiment (measured by NAB’s Commercial Property Index) fell 11 points to -2 in Q1 2019 – its first negative read in over 4 years.

Sustainable bonds are appealing to a wider set of investors as the market develops, a recent conference was told.

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