Overall sentiment in commercial property markets moderated for the second straight quarter, with NAB’s Commercial Property Index down 5 points to +18 in Q3, but still well above long-term average levels (+2).

Aussie superfunds face a world where investment themes are changing and there’s a continued search for yield. NAB’s latest Superannuation FX Hedging survey indicates they’re up to the challenge.

NAB’s most recent FX Hedging survey shows that superfunds are adapting their hedging strategies, thanks in large part to an increase in size.

The Queensland Government’s first social bond that seeks to reduce reoffending by young people has been launched by Life Without Barriers and NAB.

Ethical investment was a hot issue at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit in July. NAB’s Mark Todd and a panel of ethical investment industry leaders discussed how this market is developing in Australia.

Our 8th biennial survey captures the shifting priorities of Australian super funds in a rapidly changing landscape.

A panel of fund managers and NAB’s Connie Sokaris discussed the vexing issue of how to create income in a low interest environment at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit.

NAB’s Mark Todd and a panel considered the future of fintech and the implications for investment at the KangaNews-NAB Fixed Income Beyond the Institutional Sector Summit.

At a basic level, SRI asset managers often adopt one of two approaches whilst for an individual investor, there are three main approaches.

SRI aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions and the industry is growing rapidly.

After the recent investor jitters triggered by the failure of some Public Private Partnership (PPP) toll roads, it looks like a new wave of infrastructure PPPs, kick-started by Federal and State Government investment, are making a strong comeback.

The AUD bond market is not just one market. It’s, at last count – at least six markets with their own features, documentation and target investors.

The nation’s first Sustainability Bond demonstrates how the corporate and education sectors can partner to address pressing issues facing our society and environment.

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