Equities in the US spent most of the session rising, driven by the news that Pfizer and BioNTech’s experimental vaccine has being fast tracked in the US.

Dr Fauci has declared the virus as ‘out of control’ in the US and more measures need to be brought in to contain it.

There’s a little positive sentiment pushing shares higher again today and helping the US dollar gain on the Yen and Swiss Franc.

A monthly look at the ESG debt markets from an Australasian perspective.

Rising infection rates in US southern states hit equities hard on Friday.

The easing of banks’ investment rules contained in the so-called ‘Volcker Rule’ has helped to boost stocks.

In a day that’s been light on news, markets have had a chance to take a more positive outlook, pushing equities higher and the US dollar lower.

New COVID-19 social bonds have been met with overwhelming support from investors, leading to rapid growth in the sustainable debt market and a welcome outperformance, experts told a NAB Roundtable.

Globally equities had been dampened on Monday morning but equities are back on the rise in the US.

There’s been a swift move to bonds and safe haven currencies since the Fed’s message yesterday that it would take a couple of years at least for life to return to normal.

The rally in equities has stalled for now – except for the NASDAQ.

This week, we thought it might be interesting to discuss the most common questions we are getting asked by businesses and investors on the outlook for the Australian economy.

A look at the Australasian ESG debt markets during the last month.

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