2017 saw all 45 OECD countries and the major emerging economies in synchronised growth for the first time in 10 years. JBWere examines the impact ‘synchronised growth’ has on markets and what’s in store for investors in 2018.

NAB’s Securitisation team goes from strength to strength, being the clear house of choice for customers and thought leader in the market.

2017 has been the best year for both issuers and investors since 2006.

Steve Killelea, the man behind the Global Peace Index, explains its potential value in helping make investment decisions.

2017 was marked by a return to stability following the volatility of recent times and the rise of innovative new products, especially in the green and social sectors.

We’re living longer and our kids are experiencing the challenges of establishing themselves in a world of higher house-to-wage ratios. Our over-leveraged governments have responded by cutting back on spending in health, education and social services as well as super tax breaks that encourage us to save. The upshot is, we have to rely on ourselves for a comfortable long-term future.

What will the new year bring in the world of business trends? Whether it’s health or agriculture, hyper local advertising or self-trained artificial intelligence, NAB has one eye on the (crystal) ball.

In a wide-ranging state-of-the-market perspective, Steve Lambert, Executive General Manager, Corporate Finance at NAB, attributes Australian transaction breakthroughs in 2017 to long-term positive trends on the demand side.

While there was plenty of concern about potential geopolitical and economic crises at the recent ASFA conference, at least one senior industry figure was upbeat.

*Launch of world-first low carbon shared portfolio backing renewable energy*.

Reduced government funding and a growing population are forcing local councils to find alternative funding for public assets and community projects. NAB has already started filling the gap, with new mechanisms opening up funding sources usually closed to small lenders.

This independent report for National Australia Bank (NAB) by the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University, examines the outlook for the South Korean economy and its growing importance in the Asia Pacific region.

Steve Lambert, NAB’s Executive General Manager of Corporate Financing shares his insights on Bonds, where the market is heading, why investors should explore fixed income and what sort of opportunities are on offer for an investor.

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