November 29, 2022

NAB Health Insights Special Report (Part 1) 2022 and Webinar

Highlights from our latest NAB Health Insights webinar and the NAB Health Insights Special Report available for download.

Australians are more conscious of their health than ever.

We’re more proactive about making choices to protect our health. We love our practitioners, but we’re happy to shop around to find healthcare that’s affordable, accessible and meets our preferences. And we’re feeling healthy, positive and prosperous. Dive into the detail by downloading the report today.

2022 NAB Health Insights Webinar Recording

On the panel:

  • Alan Oster, NAB Group Chief Economist
  • Dean Pearson, Head of Behavioural Economics
  • Andrew Loveridge, Executive NAB Health
  • Simon Terry, Executive HICAPS
  • Paul Freeman, Executive Medfin
  • Hosted by Kris Jones, NAB Health Business Bank Executive for Queensland

Dean shared key insights from the latest NAB Health Insights Special Report, taking a look at the health sector through the eyes of Australian consumers. Alan shared the latest economic updates. And Simon Terry shared insights and trends from the HICAPS business for allied health, primary care and disability.

A live Q and A session was held at the end with the panellists.

NAB Health Insights Special Report Part 2

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