November 29, 2023

2023-24 NAB Health Insights Special Report (Part 1)

The latest NAB Health Insights Special Report takes an in-depth look at health consumer attitudes and satisfaction levels. It’s a revealing investigation available for download now.

How well is Australia’s healthcare system meeting the needs of its population? And what are the trends and shifts health business owners should be aware of? In this latest report, we investigate patient satisfaction levels with the system as a whole and practitioners in general, together with visitation levels, access and affordability.

We also asked NDIS participants as a group to rate their satisfaction with both the care they received and the payment system. This year we have also taken an in-depth look at mental health care, with a particular focus on patient access to mental health services. Together, this latest report provides a data-driven scorecard on the state of the nation’s healthcare to help inform your own practice.

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