October 16, 2023

NAB Property Insights: Property Market Update & Economic Outlook

Hear NAB’s senior expert panellists discuss a range of topics to provide key insights to help you and your business prepare for the current property market climate.

Discover the key trends, patterns and data driving the housing market in these state-based webinars from NAB’s Gareth Spence, Director, Economics, and Head of Valuations, Mark Browning.

Among other points of discussion, Gareth and Mark talk interest rates, confidence levels, who’s buying and much more including:

  • General outlook for the Australian economy
  • Property market insights including a regional view
  • Current rental market
  • Impact on rent roll multiples
  • State of commercial property market – residential construction

Watch the webinar covering your state for all the key findings.


  • Melbourne in a growth phase up a sustainable 4.3% since Jan 2023
  • Hobart, Regional Victoria & Tasmania still in an easing phase – but rate of easing has moderated
  • Rental vacancy continues to be very low leading to rental growth in Melbourne of 11.3% for houses and 13.1% for units


  • Sydney leads the country in this growth phase up 10.6% since Jan 2023 and only 2.6% below prior peak
  • Regional NSW and ACT are experience more modest growth up 1.6% and 0.9% from bottoming out in January 2023 and March 2023 respectively
  • Rental vacancy remains at record lows leading to rental growth in Sydney of 8.4% for houses and 14.3% for units


  • Brisbane is in a strong growth phase up 9.1% since Jan 2023 and only 0.6% below prior peak
  • Regional Queensland markets are also experiencing growth up 5.9%, with the strongest quarterly growth last quarter in Toowoomba and Darling Downs
  • Rental vacancy remains very tight leading to rental growth in Brisbane of 6.4% for houses and 14% for units


  • Perth and Adelaide have largely avoided the easing in values evident from higher interest rates in 2022 with Perth setting new records up 8.8% since September 2022 and Adelaide up 6.3% from March 2023 (the respective months when prior easing phase turned to growth)
  • Darwin is also experiencing growth up 2.2% from May 2023, with Regional SA up a nation leading 13.2% and Regional WA up 8% and Regionl NT up 2.1%
  • Rental vacancy remains at record low levels leading to rental growth in Perth of 12.7% for houses and 16.2% for units and Adelaide of 6.7% for houses and 9.8% for units

2024 Accounting & Financial Planning Report

2024 Accounting & Financial Planning Report

15 November 2023

The outlook for accountants and financial planners is strong. Download the NAB 2024 Accounting & Financial Planning Report to discover the key trends and opportunities, or watch the webinar recording below.

2024 Accounting & Financial Planning Report