When Australia’s first green residential mortgage-backed securities (RMBS) tranche was issued by NAB in February 2018, it was an exciting development for the sustainable debt market in its own right. The transaction also marks another step in the process of unlocking the bank’s balance sheet for sustainable lending and borrowing.

The world’s first sustainability bond from a university is funding a better future for students and for vulnerable communities.

Part-privatisation was the catalyst for an epic US private placement deal for Australian utility Ausgrid.

Breaking into the Australian renewable energy market with a new mode of financing was a great challenge and a golden opportunity for Goldwind. Three deals later, the company’s aiming to power one million Australian homes.

The launch of the green-loan principles (GLPs) presents an opportunity for another evolutionary step in sustainable funding. By standardising and codifying what qualifies as green bank lending, the GLPs could make sustainable finance relevant to a wider cohort of borrowers according to David Jenkins, director, sustainable capital markets at NAB.

First 25bp increase now expected mid-2019.

The S&P500 fell a lot in early trade, testing some technical levels before regaining most of the ground. The US dollar has also retreated.

Words from the Fed have had little impact on the markets, across all sectors, except oil and gold, which rose on the news that not much has changed.

Suggestions the move reflects the US economy gaining momentum, whilst other economies are failing to keep pace.

Tapas Strickland suggests the markets are getting used to the US President’s style and that could ease concerns over future Trumpisms.

Why such little reaction to Friday’s historic peace promise? NAB’s Ray Attrill suggests why it failed to move the markets, and looks to this week’s major influences.

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