Phil Dobbie talks to NAB’s Tapas Strickland about what he was trying to say. Plus, the response to US Treasury auctions, what to expect from the Fed minutes, the latest expectation on Aussie rate rises and what’s the story with oil?

Wages key to inflation and monetary policy.

The US Treasury plans to issue $151 billion in bonds today, $258 billion across the week.

Fresh from the annual Private Placement Industry Forum in Miami, we consider the options for investors looking to add a rock-solid asset to their portfolio.

US stocks retreat on Russia meddling, steel/aluminium tariff reports, but still make it ‘6 from 6’ up days.

USD is set to close lower for a 4th consecutive day and US equities look set to climb for a fifth day in a row

There was a sharp reaction to higher than expected CPI figures overnight but they have been tempered by weaker than expected retail figures.

The US dollar is on the slide again. As Phil Dobbie discusses with NAB’s Ray Attrill the volatility remains ahead of US CPI figures tonight.

Stocks, bonds & Australia – still optimistic growth!

US equities extend Friday’s rally and Europe joins the party.

In understanding the drivers of the rise in AUD/USD from 0.75 in early December to above 0.81 in January, higher commodity prices have justified much of the move.

Friday was another choppy day for equity markets, although the S&P500 managed to end on a positive note.

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