Our latest transaction insights paper looks at the journey of the New Payments Platform (NPP), Australia’s domestic payment clearing and settlement infrastructure launched two years ago.

A look at the Australasian ESG debt markets during the last month.

The longest period of bond market disruption since the GFC appears to be ending.

A massive contraction in global activity has occurred due to COVID-19.

Our forecasts are broadly unchanged – we still expect a fall of 8.5% in GDP in H1 2020 before a rebound in growth in Q4.

COVID-19 has placed significant pressure on corporates and implicated their operations.  Efficient cash management and adequate liquidity is one of the key principles to ensure survival.

Global economy in its worst post-WW2 recession, recovery timing uncertain.

Unprecedented sharp recession coming as a result of COVID-19. Sharp deterioration in employment and prolonged high unemployment.

Large sections of the Australian economy are now working from home or in remote locations.  Corporate Australia has had to quickly shift operational processes and adjust to new work from home arrangements, many for the first time. 

The implementation of social distancing has meant some businesses are reviewing their customer interactions at the point of payment.

With public debt markets in flux due to the spread of COVID-19, patience is the watchword for Australian borrowers in private capital markets.

Our latest transaction insights paper includes recommendations for managing credit card rejections and provides clarity on the credit card authorisation process.

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