The NAB Online Retail Sales Index contracted slightly in May, after recording the most rapid growth in the series history in April.

Consumer anxiety fell in the June quarter despite very weak levels of economic and employment activity.

2020-21 winter crop prospects strong.

The Australian retail sector is facing extreme volatility amid a cycle of panic-buying, shutdown and now staged reopening.

NAB Online Retail Sales Index rapid growth accelerated again in April

Our data mapping suggests that the ABS retail trade measure will fall 5.3% in April.

Our NAB Online Retail Sales Index data indicates that the rebound in online spend continued in March, with a large jump in sales.

No state or territory will be spared from COVID-19 economic fall-out.

NAB cashless retail sales data for March shows wild swings across industries in response to the Coronavirus crisis.

Our NAB Online Retail Sales Index data indicates that there was a rebound in online spend in February.

Consumer anxiety and spending behaviours are changing rapidly in response to coronavirus fears and self-isolation.

Our forecast points to a substantial rise in the ABS retail sales measure in February (+0.6% m/m), but there is very little to celebrate.

Risks remain amid rapid rise in cattle prices.

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