Victorian retail sales are now tracking just behind New South Wales and Queensland on a year ended basis. Western Australia remains the strongest performer, but other states are catching up.

The NAB Online Retail Sales Index contracted in October, after four strong months of growth.

The retail sector has proven to be very resilient this year, although many consumers have changed their spending behaviour, leading to a boom for some retailers and bust for others.

Our NAB Online Retail Sales Index continued to grow, albeit slowing in September.

Growth in the NAB Online Retail Sales Index slowed a little from the record set in July.

Retail sales have been resilient recently, given restrictions on consumer activity and the large hit to the Australian economy.

Record year on year growth, boosted by Victoria.

Our internal data point to a moderate decline in July, having stabilised at a surprisingly buoyant level after the rollercoaster earlier this year.

Our NAB Online Retail Sales Index data returned to more moderate growth in June.

Our data mapping points to a moderate fall in June, following massive swings in March, April and May suggesting there has been some stabilisation in retail sales.

The NAB Online Retail Sales Index contracted slightly in May, after recording the most rapid growth in the series history in April.

The Australian retail sector is facing extreme volatility amid a cycle of panic-buying, shutdown and now staged reopening.

NAB Online Retail Sales Index rapid growth accelerated again in April

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