Rise of the machines: could automation help sustain China’s long term growth momentum.

Apartment construction which has risen strongly over the past few years was reported by the Statistician to have declined in the September quarter.

The immediacy of social media that lets passion shine through has been a key part of the success strategy of premium camper trailer maker Patriot Campers.

How did a little maternity wear start-up from Victoria grow into an international business?

When she couldn’t find what she wanted for her baby, Mirabai Winford decided to go out and create it herself.

While the 24-hour news cycle may talk down Australia’s transition from a commodity to service economy, the figures tell a different, and very positive, story.

From one product line on Australian shelves many years ago, Stahmann Farms now has an abundant 40 nut products in some of the world’s biggest supermarkets chains as well as delivering branded products into its own online store in China.

Launched 40 years ago, the now iconic Australian soft serve ice-cream brand Frosty Boy has grown to become a leader in the frozen dessert and beverage market both locally and overseas with exports to 48 countries.

Automation can help to reduce costs, boost production and make Australian SMEs more globally competitive. Professor Roy Green, Dean of the UTS Business School, and RØDE Microphones founder Peter Freedman discuss the best ways to make the most of emerging opportunities.

This excerpt from the NAB ACRI Australia-China Business Index examines barriers to engagement between Australian and Chinese businesses.

This excerpt from the report synopsis examines how Australian and Chinese businesses believe the Australia China Free Trade Agreement will impact bilateral engagement.

The first-ever report comparing attitudes of Chinese and Australian business leaders towards bilateral engagement was conducted by NAB and the Australia-China Relations Institute (ACRI) at the University of Technology Sydney. This excerpt examines how bilateral engagement is expected in increase.

In this video Cindy Batchelor, NAB Business Executive General Manager, discusses why innovation is so important for business.

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