April 28, 2020

Business View Podcast: 2020 In Focus

New podcast: NAB leaders unpack COVID-19 business and economic impact.

For Australia’s economy, COVID-19 has brought upheaval on a scale arguably unseen in 100 years. Entire industries have been brought to a standstill, businesses forced to reshape, and families pressed to survive on less. Just how large has the impact been and for how long will its repercussions last? Which industries have been hit hardest, and where are we seeing silver linings of resilience and recovery?

In this podcast, Dean Pearson, Head of Behavioural and Industry Economics at NAB, unpacks this with NAB’s Chief Customer Officer of Business and Private Bank Anthony Healy and NAB’s Group Chief Economist Alan Oster.

The information contained in this podcast is intended to be of a general nature only and does not take into account any person’s objectives, financial situation or needs. Information, fees and rates stated in this podcast are correct as at 22 April 2020 and are subject to change. See our website for terms and conditions and eligibility criteria that apply to our COVID-19 relief packages.