April 23, 2020

Commercial Real Estate Webinar: How COVID-19 is affecting the industry and what support is available to customers

Hosted by NAB’s Customer Executive for Commercial Real Estate, Lucia La Bella, the webinar includes NAB’s Chief Economist’s view on the impacts now and in the foreseeable future; as well as analysis of the particular challenges facing the commercial property sector and NAB’s support packages.

As the impacts of the Coronavirus continues to unfold, we recognise that this is a challenging time for our customers and our broader community. Many SME owners are facing difficult decisions and are seeking guidance, support and reassurance in making those decisions. Specifically, in property it has been particularly challenging given the government has stepped in and mandated the support a landlord will provide a tenant through the Commercial Code

The profitability of many landlords are being impacted, particularly those who have tenants where their businesses are suffering a reduction or total loss of income. Many developers are wondering what this means for projects underway and whether purchasers will still be able to settle.

This webinar covers:

  • NAB’s view on the economy overall and how the commercial property sector is being impacted now and what impacts we expect to  see on-going – from Alan Oster, NAB’s Chief Economist
  • Kaine Perry, Strategic Dealer – Markets, to take us through recent changes in the Interest Rate market and discussions he is having with clients as a result
  • Rebecca Licciardi, NAB’s Customer Executive – Small Business, outlining the NAB support packages for customers, including the new NAB Business Support Loan