July 29, 2019

Customer stewardship in social infrastructure

The Better Infrastructure Initiative recently launched a Customer Stewardship Roundtable series. Read the insights from the first event.

Customer stewardship, as defined by the Better Infrastructure Initiative, is “the collective management principles and practices that focus on long-term customer outcomes”.

Social infrastructure does a great deal of the heavy lifting to ensure the quality of life in our cities and regions. Its proximity and accountability to customers and the community make it an important area of learning for customer stewardship.

Embedding customer stewardship principles and practices in social infrastructure will help the sector better leverage its great talents and capabilities in order to have an even more positive effect over the medium to long term.

The Customer Stewardship Roundtable Series has been developed to deepen the conversation on customer centred infrastructure and how the practices and principles of customer stewardship can be better understood and highlighted in the many areas of infrastructure, to help develop an industry wide community of practice.

The first of the Roundtables, convened in May 2019, included participants from public and private sectors spanning health, education, housing and recreation to discuss the challenges and opportunities for customer stewardship with a specific focus on social infrastructure.

This Roundtable explored current customer stewardship practices and the scope for it to be expanded across social infrastructure.

Read the insights here.