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Customer stewardship means putting the customer at the centre of our infrastructure.

Using blockchain to boost green investment: How to create trust, transparency and liquidity for green infrastructure opportunities.

Business should recognise the powerful role it can play in ensuring Australia has the right infrastructure, in the right places; infrastructure that’s affordable, reliable and sustainable.

The Victorian economy has been one of Australia’s fastest growing this year. Given the scope of construction projects now ramping up it’s likely transport infrastructure spending will continue to contribute strongly to Victorian growth over the next year.

Growing interest from investors has underpinned the rapid development of the renewables sector, a key industry conference has been told.

Representatives from Australia’s infrastructure sector discuss how they’re responding to the risks associated with climate change.

The digital economy has given rise to its own infrastructure needs, and investors are paying attention.

As the current phase of privatisations approaches its conclusion in Australia, local infrastructure investors are looking to international markets for investment opportunities. At the same time, global capital that was drawn to the Australian market by the deep pipeline continues to actively pursue Australian deals. This has created significant competition in Australia and seen infrastructure investors increasingly focus on a broader class of assets.

Globally, the finance sector is directing ever-greater amounts of capital to address social and environmental challenges. Australia has more work to do on this front.

New research released today by NAB shows electricity and roads have the biggest impact on our daily lives – affecting almost 1 in 2 people (either positively or negatively).

Participants at the 2018 Asian Debt Capital Market conference discuss some of the key megatrends bringing depth and dynamism to Debt Capital Markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Political risks and uncertainty may be on the rise. But a recent tour of Asia for the NAB Asian Debt Capital Markets Conference reminded NAB Global Head of Research Peter Jolly of the many causes for optimism about Australia’s economy.

At NAB’s 2018 Asian Debt Capital Markets Conference, experts, issuers and investors zeroed in on the forces that will build connections and foster future opportunities.

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