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A look at how industry leaders are changing their behaviours across the infrastructure cycle from investment to planning to delivery.

Digitalisation is enabling more aspects of our world to connect.

Hydrogen holds great promise in decarbonising hard-to-abate sectors in the transition to a low carbon economy, as Australia’s trading partners ramp up their commitments to net zero.

Watch our digital events to find out what the budget means for you, businesses across Australia, and the economy.

Federal Budget 2021 delivered $15.2 billion in infrastructure spending over the next 10 years – including a new freight hub in Melbourne.

The Treasurer wasn’t kidding when he said budget repair has been put on hold until unemployment was below 5%, with a raft of new spending measures in Federal Budget 2021.

As the Federal Government flags the need for more big spending, Alan Oster shares his top expectations for this year’s budget.

Companies that need to adapt and transition to lower carbon and more sustainable growth are tapping into a range of new sustainability-linked debt offerings to help finance this transition.

The banking sector has an important role to play in supporting industry through the economic recovery.

Over recent months, every organisation has had to adapt and innovate to find new ways of doing business.

The COVID-19 pandemic is set to accelerate the shift to the digital economy, expanding the relatively new asset class of digital infrastructure.

No state or territory will be spared from COVID-19 economic fall-out.

Extracting maximum use from products and resources, by recycling and reusing as much as possible, will help move Australia closer to a circular economy that minimises waste.

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