August 22, 2022

NAB Education Insight Report 2022 (Part 3)

How common is switching schools in the private system and why does it occur?

NAB research has revealed that more than 1 in 3 private school students have either switched schools in the last year or are considering doing so, with the majority switching between private schools.

While it’s widely accepted that the choice of school is one of the big decisions parents will make in relation to their child’s education, it seems the decision is far from final.

The top reasons for switching schools included the child’s happiness and wellbeing (33%) and insufficient attention to individual student needs (30%).

Michael Saadie, Executive, Business Banking Metro, said the research shows how valuable investments into wellbeing and a more bespoke teaching proposition is for schools. “The idea of investing in a school’s campus masterplan, IT systems and libraries is widely accepted but developing a strong wellbeing program that includes catering to students’ individual needs is now equally as critical.”

Mr Saadie added “We know many of our private school customers see these investments as crucial to their growth and we are pleased to work with the schools to support these strategies. It’s fantastic to see how these investments are brought to life and the positive impact it can have on the education sector, students and local communities.”

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