Other parts of the world are getting ready for a lockdown that could last a few months.

US equities rose sharply overnight despite the news unemployment claims in the US have risen to 3.2 million for the week to March 21.

Equities are on the rise in the US and Europe.

Markets reversed a little overnight with US and European equities rising.

Rural commodities resilient amid COVID-19 crisis.

The US Fed announces unlimited QE.

It’s likely prices will fall further as more countries and regions go into lockdown.

Oil has shot up in price, with equities rising too and there’s a bit more interest in government bonds.

Big falls in equities and oil, as well as widespread selling of government bonds, even gold is being ditched.

Despite extreme measures by the Fed yesterday and the return of QE, markets were far from impressed.

The RBNZ has slashed rates this morning to a quarter percent.

Markets are in free fall as containment measures impact heavily on business.

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