Markets push back the timing of a rate cut from the RBA.

US equity markets have regained composure but will news of a lockdown of the Wuhan district fan further volatility?

Whilst President Trump was self-aggrandising at Davos, US equities stalled.

The US was on holiday Monday so it’s been a quiet session all round.

Dairy dynamics: prices, drought and costs impacting dairy landscape.

The rally in US equities continued at the end of the week, with the optimism spreading to Europe.

US equities rose higher still on the back of the latest US retail numbers.

Equities have posted further gains and new record highs.

The US and China will sign the phase one trade deal tonight.

There are reports the US Treasury Department will no-longer consider China a currency manipulator.

In our first podcast of 2020, Ray Attrill discusses the week’s economic news and the broader prospects for the year ahead.

We’re ending the week with risk sentiment at its best level of the year.

Markets have now largely unwound the risk-off moves that have occurred since Friday.

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