Market and seasonal conditions strengthen Australian agriculture.

Last week finished with US stocks down, the US dollar down and the price of bonds down.

In a few hours Joe Biden and Donald Trump go head to head in the last election debate.

Markets are waiting to see the outcome of two on again off again decisions, both with sizeable economic consequences.

After a fairly volatile week markets were calmer on Friday on the back of positive retail numbers from the US.

There’s a strong risk off mood in the air, which has pushed the US dollar higher and hit stocks.

Philip Lowe, the Governor of the RBA, is talking this morning.

Trends in global commodity prices remain mixed.

The Aussie dollar has taken a hit twice in the last twenty-four hours.

The US Senate is seemingly preoccupied with pushing through Amy Coney Barrett as Supreme Court nominee, casting aside any bandwidth for fiscal stimulus talks.

The US dollar hit a two and a half year low on Friday, whilst the Chinese Yuan showed big gains.

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