Yesterday President Trump pushed ahead with further tariffs on Chinese imports and the promise of retaliation soon followed.

The Aussie dollar was on the rise overnight, even as all eyes and ears were waiting on an announcement on the next round of tariffs from the White House.

The US President is keeping everyone guessing on further tariffs on Chinese imports.

Quite a few moving points to what has been a reasonably volatile night in markets. 

The Aussie and Kiwi dollars gained some ground helped by hopes of renewed trade talks between China and the US.

A strong first half and easing downside risks.

US 10 year Treasuries are closing in on 3 percent again, as expectations firm on two further rate hikes this year.

No further news on tariffs overnight calmed down emerging markets overnight and gave the Aussie dollar a short reprieve.

President Trump has threatened to sharply escalate the US trade war with China.

There’s a risk-off mood in the markets this morning.

The Aussie dollar was higher despite continued woes in emerging markets, whilst the pound gained strength on positive hearsay on Brexit negotiations.

The Aussie and the Kiwi dollars have hit multi-year lows as the situation worsens in emerging markets.

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