NAB recently hosted our inaugural Capital Markets 2021 Virtual Conference for issuers and investors.

NAB recently hosted the inaugural Capital Markets 2021 Virtual Conference for issuers and investors.

The Australian corporate bond market faces a range of opportunities and challenges over the coming year, a recent NAB Capital Markets Forum heard.

New COVID-19 social bonds have been met with overwhelming support from investors, leading to rapid growth in the sustainable debt market and a welcome outperformance, experts told a NAB Roundtable.

The longest period of bond market disruption since the GFC appears to be ending.

With public debt markets in flux due to the spread of COVID-19, patience is the watchword for Australian borrowers in private capital markets.

In October 2019, National Australia Bank hosted a Round Table with emerging lenders to share their experiences on the journey to bank securitisation funding and beyond.

Panelists at NAB’s annual DCM conference discussed the ideal confluence of demand and supply in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, which is home to some of the worlds fastest growing economies.

Investing in infrastructure is a long-term trend that will continue to endure global economic challenges, generating healthy returns and diversification opportunities as investors enhance focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

The rising global stature of Asian investors and their search for fresh avenues to deploy their expanding wealth is aiding the growth of new markets.

Australia offers Asian investors portfolio diversification in a stable economic and political environment.

Alternatives are emerging to give Australia’s fledgling fintech firms easier access to funding.

Globally, the finance sector is directing ever-greater amounts of capital to address social and environmental challenges. Australia has more work to do on this front.

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