Regional housing markets continued to outperform the capital cities in October.

Consumer confidence increased, new listings rose, and six of the eight capital cities recorded a rise in home values over the month.

Australian home values moved through a fourth month of COVID-induced falls.

Record low interest rates, government support and loan repayment holidays for distressed borrowers have helped to insulate the housing market from a more significant downturn.

Despite values being down in June, estimates of market activity showed a further improvement from the April low.

Despite the loss of momentum in housing value growth, buyer numbers have shown a solid rise in May.

Market activity dropped sharply from the second half of March and through April.

March was the lowest monthly gain in national housing values and likely sets the tone for housing conditions over the coming months.

Housing values surged by 1.1% with 5 capital cities reaching new record-highs last month.

Housing market update shows the rebound in Australian housing values has continued into 2020.

The housing market recovery has continued to gather some pace through with our national index up 1.7% last month.

Latest report shows a 1.2% rise in national dwelling values, delivering the fourth straight month of rising values. 

Housing market made further progress towards a recovery in September, recording the third consecutive month of gains.

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