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It’s been a quiet session overnight. Oil rallied as supply fears rose on Trump’s sanctions imposed on the country this week, but it has since retreated.

The positive news regarding China has seen stocks rise in the US today but there has been little movement on Treasuries or the US dollar.

Steven Mnuchin says the trade war with China is on-hold, for now, after the agreement that will see China supposedly buying more from the US, but not the reported extra $200 billion worth.

President Trump has been making headlines with peace treaties and trade pacts, but what if they don’t happen? North Korea has threatened to pull out and now the President is saying the China talks may not be successful.

NAB and Asiamoney’s latest poll on Asian and European investors’ appetite for Australian debt tells a story of consistency and stability as the region presents a safe option amid turbulence – while also offering sustainable opportunities.

In Italy, the populist parties aiming for a coalition Italian government are said to be demanding a €250bn debt write down by the ECB.

US ten-year treasuries were up eight basis points this morning, with the US dollar reaching a new high for the year so far.

The continuing rise in oil prices and rising bond yields in the US – where they have tipped the 3% yield mark again.

Trump seems to be offering a lifeline to Chinese telecoms company ZTE, whilst threatening car manufacturers with a 20 percent import tariff.

It’s been a bumpy day for oil following Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Deal. But it’s today’s weaker than expected US CPI data that has had the most influence, driving down Treasury yields and giving a boost to share prices.

Markets react firmly to the US decision on the Iran Deal and the news the markets don’t want to hear about the Italian government.

The US to reinstate tough economic sanctions against Iran, with the threat of secondary sanctions against those who continue to support the regime. Plus last night’s Budget, Theresa May’s split cabinet and the risk of another election in Italy.

2018 has been exceptionally dry across much of Australia, with knock-on downside to restocker interest and young cattle prices.

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