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The Forward View – Global: May 2020

A massive contraction in global activity has occurred due to COVID-19.

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China’s economy at a glance – May 2020

The latest economic data from China continues to highlight some challenges in its recovery phase.

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The US President declares the economy is roaring back following 4.8 million new jobs in June.

The overnight session started on a sour note over increasing concerns about Hong Kong.

Dr Fauci has declared the virus as ‘out of control’ in the US and more measures need to be brought in to contain it.

There’s a little positive sentiment pushing shares higher again today and helping the US dollar gain on the Yen and Swiss Franc.

Rising infection rates in US southern states hit equities hard on Friday.

The easing of banks’ investment rules contained in the so-called ‘Volcker Rule’ has helped to boost stocks.

May rebound, but virus spread a risk.

Markets have been hit with a triple whammy – disturbing COVID-19 numbers emerging from the United States, a worse than expected downgrade to global growth forecasts and a big rise in oil inventories.

There’s a lot of positive sentiment again today, with US equities on the up and the NASDAQ reaching a new high.

In a day that’s been light on news, markets have had a chance to take a more positive outlook, pushing equities higher and the US dollar lower.

Last week was a choppy week as markets tried to balance out positive economic news against rising concerns about COVID-19 infections.

Markets continue to be jittery, with news of reopenings offset by concern over rising infection rates.

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