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US shares were pummelled on Friday as fears of a global slowdown widen.

Education has grown to a scale export industry, and is now Australia’s third largest export earner.

Mario Draghi’s fear of growing downside risks didn’t do too much damage to the Euro.

Slowing growth paired with greater uncertainty going forward.

The Chinese economy is liberalising and opening up to the rest of the world, paving the way for foreign investors to tap into opportunities in the increasingly wealthy nation, the 2018 ASFA Conference heard.

US equities have had a shot in the arm following a Wall Street Journal report that China might open up access to their domestic markets for foreign companies.

A positive reaction to reports China might drop tariffs on US car imports reversed by threats from President Trump about a possible government shutdown if he doesn’t get the funding to build the wall.

The pound has taken a hit on the increased uncertainty on where Brexit is heading.

Private markets can offer consistent and steady support for issuers, the First Look Conference in Sydney was told.

The markets reacted sharply to weaker than expected payrolls data from the United States.

Australia’s superannuation funds are turning to venture capital for the outsized returns the sector can generate and to diversify their portfolios, the 2018 ASFA Conference heard.

There were big falls in equities in the US and across Europe overnight, with rises in bonds, the Yen, Gold and the Swiss Franc reinforcing the risk-off mood.

Chinese authorities issued a Q&A which seems to have buoyed markets a little.

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