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China Economic Update – December 2020

What do alternative indicators suggest about China’s COVID-19 downturn and recovery?

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NAB’s World on Two Pages – December 2020

Globally GDP rebounded strongly across all the major advanced economies in Q3, however the spread of COVID-19 remains a key risk to the outlook. In Australia our outlook now resembles the best-case scenario we outlined at the start of the pandemic, although large uncertainties remain, even with a vaccine seemingly close to being rolled out.

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The ECB changed nothing overnight, with President Lagarde saying risks remained on the downside.

It’s Inauguration Day, or it will be when Wednesday eventually ticks round in the US.

Markets are looking through the prospect on any unrest on inauguration day, but the more immediate question is what will the President do today?

China’s economy enters 2021 with momentum, but expected to slow across the year.

Markets responded at the end of the week to Joe Biden’s proposals for stimulating the US economy.

Bond yields were already on the rise before Fed chairman Jerome Powell talked down the likelihood of any easing in bond purchases this year.

An ensuing impeachment of the US President continues to be of little concern to the markets.

With yields rising there’s been a question mark over whether the appetite for treasury bonds is falling.

Bond yields continue to rise in the US as markets prepare for an expected multi-trillion dollar stimulus package from the President-elect.

The Morning Call is back, and the new year has kicked off pretty much where we left off.

You might have expected a positive market response as the US politicians reach agreement on a fiscal stimulus bill, particularly as Europe became the latest region to approve a vaccine.

There’s a strong expectation that the US fiscal stimulus deal will be resolved in the next few hours.

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