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AUD (and NZD) this week look set to remain in the hands of broader USD and Emerging Market (EM) moves.

There’s caution in the air, but could it just be for a day?

Despite increasing tensions over the missing Saudi journalist, oil fell sharply.

US shares are racing ahead again on earnings results and further evidence of a strong US economy.

This week, we’re reproducing a thematic piece on US stock market valuations.

Still hope a Brexit deal can be found, fears of a US response to the death of a journalist in Saudi Arabia seem to have been put on hold, keeping oil prices in check. And a look ahead to today’s NZ inflation figures.

The pound has fallen sharply as the currency markets opened on the news that a Brexit deal this week is looking very unlikely.

Equity markets took another hammering overnight.

Overnight saw a big sell-off of US and European stocks.

Whilst the US economy seems to go from strength to strength, there is speculation that China will ramp up stimulus measures to keep their economy strong.

Equity markets took a hammering overnight. China felt it worst after their Golden Week holiday.

This week, we thought we would look in brief at two important issues and how they are impacting the Australian economy and financial markets.

Strong US payrolls data on Friday saw bond yields push higher.

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