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The Forward View – Global: April 2021

Uneven recovery set to continue into 2022, as EMs wait for vaccines.

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China Economic Update – April 2021

Don’t forget about me: lower skilled workers could be left behind by manufacturing’s evolution

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The Canadian dollar has been boosted by the Bank of Canada markedly increasing their growth forecasts for this year

There’s a cautious mood in the markets right now.


US equities dipped a little overnight, pulling back from record highs.

There’s still plenty of positive sentiment around as the US, UK and Europe continue to vaccinate at pace.

Quarterly data point to weak start to 2021, but signs of consumers returning is positive.

High frequency indicators continue to point to a recovery in the global economy in early 2021. In Australia, the economic recovery continues at a brisk pace with forward indicators pointing toward ongoing strength in activity and the labour market, even as some fiscal support is wound back.

Equities came back off the highs we saw on Tuesday/Wednesday, but their decline didn’t reflect the sentiment in the market.

It’s been a fairly quiet session overnight.

Australia has become the latest nation to express concern about the use of the Astra Zeneca vaccines on young people, except here young is anyone under 50.

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