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China delivered some more positive results in the last 24 hours.

Credit surge keeps growth stable in Q1, but will the taps stay on?

The OECD suggests China’s stimulus measures may only offer short term benefits but the markets are happy to ignore the long term impacts.

Crashing cars: how deleveraging has hit China’s automotive sector

Last week finished on a positive note, sparked by a strong bounce back in credit growth in China, together with very strong export numbers.

The US dollar was helped overnight with surprisingly low jobless claims numbers in the US.

What did the RBA’s Guy Debelle say yesterday to spur the Aussie dollar on so much?

In USD terms, NAB’s Non-Rural Commodity Price Index is forecast to fall by 1.9% qoq in Q2 2019.

There’s certainly a more cautious mood today.

It’s been a quiet 24 hours that has seen stocks lose some of their gains of last week.

US non-farm payrolls data emed to indicate a Goldilocks economy – more jobs and with wages contained.

US payrolls data is out this evening (Australia time) and, unless something else is brewing, markets tend to tread water in anticipation.

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