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How low can the pound go if the UK shifts towards a no-deal Brexit?

Global growth is above average but slowing.

Uncertainty on whether the UK Cabinet would pass May’s Brexit deal played heavily on the pound overnight but it rebounded when the deal was approved.

A first Brexit milestone could mean a volatile 24 hours or so for Sterling.

With just 137 days until Britain leaves the EU, how low could the pound could sink given the rising uncertainty?

Is the bear market in oil about to turn?

The FOMC has kept interest rates on hold. Meanwhile Italy and the EU seem to be at loggerheads on budget numbers and the UK’s Brexit secretary appears a little uninformed, as one cabinet minister breaks ranks on Theresa May’s plan.

Will the results of the US mid-terms impact the focus of the Fed?

As Americans head out to the polls the markets are left guessing whether it’ll be a good or bad result for President Trump.

We can expect a relatively quiet 24 hours trading as the world waits for the results of the US mid-term elections.

Sanctions are stepped up against Iran today. Plus, the latest on Brexit.

The US dollar staged a swift reversal overnight, with the spot index falling significantly. We’ve also seen US stocks on the rise, along with significant leaps forward for the Aussie dollar and the pound, whilst oil falls sharply.

What will the US mid-term election results mean for the AUD?

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