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Could the Fed be careering to a half percent rate cut at the end of the month?

The Fed’s Beige Book is out this morning.

US retail sales were strong but t’s not all good news.

China’s industrial production numbers were far better than anticipated.

Growth slowed in Q2 but policy support should see it stabilise.

China reported disappointing import numbers at the close on Friday.

Indicators in major advanced economies point to a renewed easing in growth for the rest of 2019, driven largely by the US economy. Similarly in Australia, we expect growth to continue at a below trend pace over the next few years.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell didn’t alter his stance despite signs of inflation picking up in the US.

Global growth remains under pressure even with US-China trade dispute pause.

Jerome Powell has sent the markets back to where they were before the non-farm payrolls data last week.

NAB’s Non-Rural Commodity Price Index has been on the up in recent quarters, in large part due to iron ore prices.

Panelists at NAB’s annual DCM conference discussed the ideal confluence of demand and supply in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region, which is home to some of the worlds fastest growing economies.

Ray Attrill explains how the latest small business survey data in the US shows signs that tariffs on Chinese imports might be starting to make their mark.

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