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The Bigger Picture – A Global and Australian Economic Perspective – May 2019.

In this month’s currency podcast, our Head of FX Strategy discusses some changes to NAB’s FX AUD forecasts.

The Aussie dollar was the worst performing of the major currencies overnight following yesterday’s unemployment numbers.

Trade policy turbulence continues to unsettle the global economy.

News of President Trump threatening sanctions on Germany had an immediate impact on the Euro.

China is doing what it can to boost infrastructure investment.

Can China weaponise rare earths to open a new front in the trade war?

There’s a ‘risk on’ mood in the markets this morning after Friday’s u-turn by the US President over Mexican tariffs.

The Euro rose today after the ECB spoke little of new measures to combat the economic downturn.

Markets are hopeful that a deal will be reached between the US and Mexico, and tariffs will be avoided.

There’s been a sharp rise in US equities after comments from the Fed’s Jerome Powell, signalling rate cuts are likely.

The RBA is expected to cut interest rates today, but more interesting will be what Philip Lowe says this evening.

The market continues to adjust to the expectation that the US-China trade spat won’t disappear in a hurry.

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