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Most of China’s indicators relatively weak year-on-year, however, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China at the start of the October has made this harder to gauge.

The Aussie dollar fell sharply yesterday on the back of disappointing jobs numbers, followed by weaker than anticipated activity data from China.

Near term growth prospects still weak, but potential trade deal offers some upside.

The NZ dollar saw the biggest currency move over the last 24 hours.

NAB’s Non-Rural Commodity Price Index is forecast to fall by 7.9% quarter on quarter in Q4 2019.

The US President offered nothing new about where trade talks are at and the markets little moved.

Sterling bounced higher today, shortly after GDP figures showed the UK had narrowly missed a recession.

The fact Trump wasn’t entirely keen on giving up existing tariffs hasn’t stopped investors from pushing equity prices higher.

Now is an optimal time for Asian investors and contractors to explore Australia’s thriving infrastructure sector.

Shares rose higher on further hope that trade talks with China will see a roll back in existing tariffs.

Market sentiment has done a complete U-turn.

Trade truce – US and China reach an agreement, but trade outlook still uncertain.

With nothing concrete to go on, markets continue to factor-in optimism over the US-China trade talks.

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